Gracias Senor Robinson

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Gracias Senor Robinson - 12/16/08 12:13 PM

Well, we're home. The trip wasn't without incident. Nancy lost our passports. Luck for us they were just where she left them, at the Cafe del Principe. The kind lady's who sat at the table after us held them till we returned some 30 minutes later. Talk about a scare. We were so shaken up we went back to La Tosta for sangria and 5 shots of grappa. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon. You and MadridMan were beyond gracious. We can't tell you how much we appreciate your kindness. The whole time we were there we considered phoning you to see if you were up for another drink. You really got us off to a fine start and we hope we might do it again. Thanks again
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Re: Gracias Senor Robinson - 12/16/08 03:23 PM

eek WOW! WHOA! That could've been HUGE! THANK GOODNESS your passports were just where you left them.. Yes, talk about a scare!! help

It was beyond pleasant meeting you both for some tapitas and wine. Hope the rest of your stay was enjoyable, memorable, and also without incident. smile

Saludos, MadridMan
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Re: Gracias Senor Robinson - 12/16/08 05:24 PM

Thanks MM! It was indeed memorable.

After the 4 or 5 drinks of grappa, Nancy was spent. I took her back to the apartment so she could sleep it off. But it was only 7:30 pm and I still wanted to be out. So I grabbed my camera and set off. First to Courtylandia then to Sol but it was raining cats and dogs, so I on the way back to our flat, I ducked out of the storm and went to that cave bar I asked you about, La Meson de la Guitarra. I quietly stood at the bar with my glass of wine when the power went out. The whole bar cheered but the power came back after a minute. 5 minutes passed before it went dark again. Candles were lit and everyone started singing the Bangles Eternal Flame. I recorded the singing and snapped a couple of photos when a woman approached me and told me that if I was taking pictures of her daughters for the inter-net or some other deplorable act, she would "separate me from my manhood". I assured her I was just a simple American tourist with only the best intentions and that the only reason I was there alone was because my wife was sleeping one off. Next thing you know I'm drinking and singing with 15 people in the bar(her as well). All of us sharing each others drinks and food. They all took me under their wing for an authentic Spanish evening.I took lots of pictures with my new friends and didn't leave till pass midnight. It was without a doubt, one of the most memorable bar experience of my life.Too bad Nancy missed out.

P.S.After looking at the pic's on my camera, I found no pictures of any ones daughter.
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Re: Gracias Senor Robinson - 12/16/08 05:53 PM

wow . Rudy , tht was one hell of a trip ! I had a great time with you and Nancy and look forward to the next time .
I'm in the middle of the Englisg countryside now ( my parent's house ) and will spend christmas here . Back to Madrid for Nochevieja .
Was that woman ( complaining about your photos ? Spanish ?
Here in Europe we have , unfortunately , taken on the North American paranoia about law suits , child molestation , etc.. BUT with good reason .. We've had some high profile cases all over Europe re- paedophilia .
In many ways it's a shame because most of us , like you and I , take photos for entirely innocent reasons .
I took photos recently of kids on the local open-air ice-rink .. During the festival de San Isidro I took fotos of the kids all dressed up in castizo costumes .
TOTALLY innocent ...But some people have problems with it ...And I guess you can understand it to a certain extent .
Anyway ... away from serious comment ... it sounds like you had a great Madrileno evening ... !!!
I certainly look forward to our next meeting Rudy and Nancy !
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Re: Gracias Senor Robinson - 12/16/08 06:29 PM

Hi Steve!

Yes, the woman at Messon de la Guitarra was Spanish as was her complaint. I held my own where the language was concerned. I was very proud of myself. I was speaking half English half Spanish. My new friends were to.

I would recomend that bar to any one. The chorizo is great and the wine is cheap/inexpensive.

Thanks again for the tip on La Tosta. We went twice.

Quick story on La Tosta
While Nancy was off looking for the passports, I opened my wallet to pay the tab. I noticed the recipt for Cafe del Principe, so I told the bar man what my delima was and asked if he could phone them for me to ask if they were there. He handed my his mobile for me to call. I couldn't figure out his phone and gave up. The gentelman sitting next to me overheard my story and offered to call. They were not there. That's when I REALLY got nervous and figured Nancy wouldn't find them.

The lady's that found them told her that the protocol is to NOT turn them into the bar but to give it to the police. Had Nancy not come back, thats what they would have done.

What a releif.

Until next time M8