House for Sale/Cantabria/Need realtor

Posted by: AFISHN

House for Sale/Cantabria/Need realtor - 05/26/04 12:14 PM

Hello.I own 2 houses in a little village(pop 300) called San Sebastian de Garabandal-in Cantabria--about 10 miles from Torrelavaga---about 40 minutes from Santander.The houses are in the montains at the base of the Picos,about a 5 hour drive from Madrid.

The views are beautiful.There are about 10 English/American families with houses there ,several French and Dutch families also.

DO A KEYWORD SEARCH ON "Garabandal" or "San Sebastain de Garabandal" to learn of the significance of this little town!

My family and I used to spend several weeks a year there for many years .I now want to sell them ; due to business demands, it is difficult to use them.

Can anyone recommend a realtor for Cantabria who speaks English ? ,since my Spanish has deteriorated from lack of use.Thank you.Contact me directly for info or leads(

NOTE:If anyone recommends a buyer before I formally list the houses in October,I will pay them a 10% commission.Asking 90,000 and 50,000 Euro