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Madrid: TRABAJO - 09/15/03 12:43 PM

Hola Todos
Iam from Manchester England and thinking of doing a "David Beckham" and coming to Madrid in March 2004. "Yo hablas un bien nivel de Espanol"
I was wondering what difficulties English people have found in finding work, Could anybody point me in the right direction, I have worked in call centres here in England, I have studied Fashion at University, Iam a known D.j here in Manchester.
and have also dj'd recently at a good club in Valencia called "Latex community" Any help would be appreciated.
Ciao Tony Lionni
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Re: Madrid: TRABAJO - 10/09/03 04:27 AM

Good luck if you do decide to come to Madrid. May be a good idea to keep doing the Spanish lessons - I speak is 'hablo', not 'hablas' (which is you speak).
There are a couple of mags when you get here that will be of interest. One is a freebie for the English community called InMadrid and they occassionally have jobs on offer. Another is called segundomano and they have general jobs on offer - I have seen adverts from an agency looking for native english telephone operators. I believe this mag also has a website - possibly so it may be worth checking out.
Other websites worth checking out include and
I think with the right attitude and good Spanish you should be able to find work.. the difficult part will be finding the right accommodation.
Anyway good luck!!!
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Re: Madrid: TRABAJO - 10/09/03 11:58 AM

Hey thanks for the reply man and the "spanish lesson" the links that you gave me were very helpful with a lot of good jobs posted, iam hoping to go to madrid early november, what are the legal requirements that I need to do upon arriving there to be able to work, Iam from the U.K.
again thanks for your help and advice.
Tony Lionni.
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Re: Madrid: TRABAJO - 10/10/03 06:39 AM

Well, to be honest I'm not an expert on this subject - it may pay to get a book on moving to Spain (maybe someone else can help here?)
I understand that as soon as you get accommodation here you have to apply for a residentīs permit. Apart from that, as a UK resident you are entitled to work in Spain. Point is you may need to decide whether or not to work self-employed or not (particularly if you get into the DJ-ing scene). Again you need to have good advice/research.
By the way, be prepared for cold and wet days in winter. You will not be wearing shorts and t-shirts in a Madrileņo winter. There are apparently ski-resorts not too far away so if you like ski-ing you may be in luck..

Hope this has been of use...
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Re: Madrid: TRABAJO - 10/11/03 06:36 AM

Just discovered another website that may be of use... (apologies to madridman if he already has this on his links)
It has a specific Madrid section and even has some jobs on offer (can`t vouch for their credibility). Also has an accommodation section so you can start advertising before you get here...