3000 members...when?

Posted by: aidance

3000 members...when? - 09/20/02 09:12 PM

Anyone out there care to predict which day MM's board will get its 3000th registered member? It's getting close.....Maybe the 3000th member should win a prize--a can of anchovy-stuffed olives? Anyone have any left from your last trip to Spain? smile
Posted by: Puna

Re: 3000 members...when? - 09/21/02 11:51 AM

Excellent thought! And the winner gets a -----
MM LUGGAGE TAG!!! rolleyes rolleyes
Seriously, MM - want to start a donation spot for those cans of olives?
Posted by: Chica

Re: 3000 members...when? - 09/30/02 03:32 PM

Looks like Leiko gets the prize! laugh