USA: Aug.31-Sep.1:Chino Basque Club Annual Picnic!!!

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USA: Aug.31-Sep.1:Chino Basque Club Annual Picnic!!! - 08/01/02 07:31 PM

smile If you're in Southern California on Labor Day weekend, you may want to stop by the Chino Basque Club's annual picnic. It's our biggest event every year, and I personally guarantee that you will NOT go home hungry or unenthused about Basque culture.

The program includes (all day in a few different venues): Pilota [handball], Basque Mass, music, dancing by the dance groups [and later by those in attendance], and food glorious food.

Check the NABO website for some additional information at Chino Basque Club There's a map on the site, but the picnic is held just to the north [about a ½ mile] of the clubhouse at the corner of Central and Edison [the clubhouse is way too small...this is a well-attended event!].

The big lamb lunch on Sunday is the best!!! Nicole and laduque and others here in'd better be there!!!

If you want additional information, e-mail me and I'll call you or e-mail you back, whichever you'd like.
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Re: USA: Aug.31-Sep.1:Chino Basque Club Annual Picnic!!! - 08/01/02 08:55 PM

Hi CaliBasco!! Wow.. I'd LOVE to attend this... as long as YOU'D be there. Hopefully we'll meet someday.

I must admit I thought it curious, the combination of "Chino" and "País Vasco". rolleyes hehehe... my mistake. But now I see it's IN Chino, California. Are you REALLY a member??

Why can't we have ANY Spain-related associations here in Ohio!!????? ARGH!!! rolleyes But who knows, maybe they would allow me since I'm not Spanish. Hmph. frown hehehe...

Have a good time!! Saludos, MadridMan
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Re: USA: Aug.31-Sep.1:Chino Basque Club Annual Picnic!!! - 08/01/02 11:00 PM

Hola MadridMan,
I too am curious about the connection between Chino and Pais Vasco. In looking at the website (wow a genuine Calibasco website) I noticed that it mentioned the Chino Hills.

By the way, Ohio is the home of the biggest association of Spain enthuthiasts: MadridMan's All Spain website laugh laugh
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Re: USA: Aug.31-Sep.1:Chino Basque Club Annual Picnic!!! - 08/02/02 12:02 PM

A little history [and booklady, every once in a while I do put a real link in here :p ] on Chino and Chino Hills.

Chino is not China, nor does it have China as an origin. Actually there are more Chinese in Chino Hills than Chino, and there are more Chicanos in Chino than Chino Hills. Say that ten times really fast... rolleyes

At one point in history, Chino was all groves and dairies. There is still a strong dairy presence, but the groves have been cut down to make way for beautiful tract homes. Bleeeccchhh! Some of the dairies [including the one owned by my wife's late grandparents] have also disappeared.

Chino Hills "seceded" from Chino in 1993 and has been the "high rent" portion of San Bernardino County ever since. Median home price in the Hills is something like $350K. It has also been rated the safest community in the county every year since its incorporation. It's a diamond in the rough for SoCal.

Chino, due to the dairies, has been home to a large number of Basque immigrants for decades now. The Southern California Basque Club, based in LaPuente (west of Chino) is the oldest Basque club around, but their numbers are dwindling while Chino's numbers grow.

The club is alive and active. We own our clubhouse building free and clear and just voted to pay $350,000 to annex an ajoining strip of land in order to increase parking at the site. This year marked the completion of improvements to the aesthetics of the clubhouse, along with an expanded bar (if you know Basques, you know this was a priority laugh ).

The picnic is a fundraiser, but it also is an annual homecoming of sorts for many. Every year you think the BBQ lamb couldn't get any better, and every year it does. It's nice to know that the lamb is fresh, since the shepherds are cooking it...if you're planning on coming, this is what you can expect to see/eat (jan):

Lamb, txilindrón [lamb stew], salad, hard cheese [unless they run out], crusty bread (ogia), beans [the good white, northern beans], wine, etc. [if you're a drinker, otherwise it's soft drinks and agua (uria)]; After lunch, they'll have performances by the dance groups (kids, teens, adults), music, etc.

Also, there are always a few merchants on hand peddling Basque and Spain items. They recently added jamón serrano and other Iberian foodstuffs to the mix...

You'll love it, and it's a great way to spend the Sunday before Labor Day!!!
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Re: USA: Aug.31-Sep.1:Chino Basque Club Annual Picnic!!! - 08/02/02 03:41 PM

Aww. Calibasco you do such a good sales job. It sounds wonderful. I wish I were going to be in town, but I am not. hopefully I'll be in L.A. long enough to make the 2003 picninc. :p
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Re: USA: Aug.31-Sep.1:Chino Basque Club Annual Picnic!!! - 08/06/02 07:03 PM

A basque club in the USA??? eek I am green with envy!!! Calibasco, are you aware if there are any other clubs of this sort in other regions of the USA?
Kelly laugh
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Re: USA: Aug.31-Sep.1:Chino Basque Club Annual Picnic!!! - 08/06/02 10:24 PM

Hay Caramba Cali, please do not take umbrage to my comment, be fair, do you know the number of times that I foolishly followed your links to nowhere?

I must say, that the Basques in North America website is truly impressive. I was amazed at the number of clubs in other States! I do not believe that any other region of Spain has this type of organization on the web or live. I know that the Gallegos and Asturianos usually have the Centro Gallego o Centro Asturiano here and there, but nothing as well organized as this. Truly a cultural delight.

I am very pleased, Calibasco, that you shared this gem with us, because like so many people, I know very little about the Basques, but would like to know more.
Gracias, smile
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Re: USA: Aug.31-Sep.1:Chino Basque Club Annual Picnic!!! - 08/08/02 11:16 AM

Okay, we just got the club newsletter with all the gory details for the upcoming activities sponsored by the Chino Basque Club. By the way, thanks booklady for posting the link to all the other Basque clubs around the country. They are almost everywhere!

Friday, August 16th at 7:00 p.m.: Kepa Junkera will be performing at the clubhouse in Chino. He's a Basque musician and is well known throughout not only Euskadi but the world. He plays the diatonic/trikitixa, but goes beyond traditional elements to incorporate jazz. For those who are uninitiated, he plays the acordeón. Dinner will be BBQ lamb followed by the concert. Tickets are $20.

Sunday, September 1:

10:30 a.m. Basque Mass and "Besta Berri". The Basque bishop of Baiona/Bayonne (France) will be in attendance.

12:30-2:30 p.m. Lunch-Featuring BBQ steak

3:30 p.m. Basque folk entertainment, including dancers from Zuberoa (French Pays Basque).

6:00 p.m. laugh Dinner-Featuring BBQ lamb and Basque sausage. laugh

8:00 p.m. Dancing for all with music from European group "Ketxo".

9:00 p.m. Raffle drawing

There is no parking charge this year, as the cost of parking is incorporated into the ticket. This way we don't have to have anyone manning the booth in the hot sun and parking lot dust!

If you need directions to the Chino Fairgrounds, again, please e-mail me and I'll get you what you need! Don't forget also that these times are approximate, as we're talking about a group of Basques here. Don't be surprised to see things happen "slowly" and an hour behind schedule (except for maybe Mass). laugh
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Re: USA: Aug.31-Sep.1:Chino Basque Club Annual Picnic!!! - 08/08/02 08:17 PM

For the Friday performance of Kepa Junkera is seating limited? Do tickets need to be purchased in advance or can they be purchased at the door?
Posted by: CaliBasco

Re: USA: Aug.31-Sep.1:Chino Basque Club Annual Picnic!!! - 08/09/02 11:29 AM

As far as I know, tickets are at the door. The clubhouse is limited in seating, but I know that there's always "room for one more". Are you going to be in the area? I say that since I think I'm going to go to the performance myself...
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Re: USA: Aug.31-Sep.1:Chino Basque Club Annual Picnic!!! - 08/30/02 01:35 PM


What's the udpate? How many of us are planning on attending? Are we going to meet at a particular time/place? confused
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Re: USA: Aug.31-Sep.1:Chino Basque Club Annual Picnic!!! - 08/30/02 07:49 PM


Let's meet right around lunch time just to the right of the door leading into the "chow line".

As you go in, there is a concreted area with bleachers on three sides and a stage on the right-hand side. As you walk through that away from the parking area, you'll see the large one-floor building where lunch is served. The main entrance is to the left of the side you're facing. (I hope I'm making sense!) We can meet just to the right of that entrance (the lunch line forms and goes through that double-door area.) I'm thinking I'll either have a big, obnoxious red boina on or my black one, but I should be sporting a white t-shirt that says "Curutzezaharreko" so you can find me. I may be a little "sweaty" since I've pulled lunch setup duty as a club member, but I'll plan to be there ready to greet MadridMan'ers!

So far I've received RSVPs from CathyM, Lagun, Monica, etc. I'm looking forward to "sharing" a little Basque culture with all of you!!!

Just a reminder: Standard time and Basque time are two different things...and one is a bit later than the other... smile See you all Sunday!
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Re: USA: Aug.31-Sep.1:Chino Basque Club Annual Picnic!!! - 08/30/02 11:08 PM

You all have a great time! Too bad I live so far north. This picnic sounds fun and very tasty ... and considering you'll be dining on Basque food there's a very good chance everything will be tasty!!! YUM :p
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Re: USA: Aug.31-Sep.1:Chino Basque Club Annual Picnic!!! - 09/02/02 06:43 PM

First of all, let me apologize for those of you who attended the picnic who I did NOT get a chance to meet. (I also apologize for the extra hot weather...but I had nothing to do with that.)

Now, let me say the picnic was wonderful, and I had the chance to meet "lagun", who is a wonderful person. I'm sorry I didn't have longer to chat, but I was in the middle of lunch duty...since we're club members who actually want to volunteer and work, we're in demand (even if it is the unglamorous 'table cleaning' duty!).

The steak for lunch was great, but the lamb and txilndrón was even better at dinner. They also had chorizo sandwiches for sale at the side window.

This year's entertainment, in addition to the local dancers, included a group from Zuberoa in the French 'Pays Basque'. We left befor the evening's dancing began, but according to my wife, the band took so long to get set up, that when the equipment was ready, they had already retired to the bar. What a shock rolleyes

There are a number of Basque clubs around, and those of you in NV, CA or ID may find another big event close to home in the coming months. Check out NABO\'s web site for more information on Basque gatherings in your area! Gora Euskadi eta euskaldunak!
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Re: USA: Aug.31-Sep.1:Chino Basque Club Annual Picnic!!! - 09/03/02 01:23 AM

The picnic was great and the food was delicious. (I have to be careful here since I have family that help put on the Elko Basque picnic but..) this was one of the best Basque picnics we have been to.

I had some tired kids so we didn't stay long enough for the second meal. I'm sure it would have been great! The Basques know how to eat!

The high-point was meeting Calibasco. I recommend it to all. He is great to read and in person!

Oh, and about that heat!!! It wasn't too bad. Being from Arizona it didn't bother us too much but we were glad food was served indoors.

Nice to meet you Cali,
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Re: USA: Aug.31-Sep.1:Chino Basque Club Annual Picnic!!! - 09/04/02 03:37 PM

CaliBasco and Lagun:
Sorry I missed you. I wasn't able to get to the picnic until 6pm-just in time to see a few of the final dance peformances- and left around 8 pm. The lamb dinner was fabulous and the people were just wonderful. It was a great precursor to my trip (next week!) eek laugh . I looked around for someone with your description but didn't find anyone. This is definately on my list for next year! It was a little warmer than the beach area wink but it was kind of nice to be able to sit outside without wearing a jacket.

It would be great if a group of LA area people could get together again before next year!
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Re: USA: Aug.31-Sep.1:Chino Basque Club Annual Picnic!!! - 09/04/02 03:58 PM

CathyM: I'm sorry I missed you too! frown At the time you got there I was up in the front of the dining area with my face stuffed in a lamb chop (by the stage). Let's just put ourselves down for next year then...Labor Day weekend, the Sunday before Labor Day Monday...all in favor say "aye" (or "ahí" or "hay" smile )!

Hasta el año que viene...¡y que lo pases bien en España!