chat anyone?

Posted by: Anonymous

chat anyone? - 03/31/02 06:42 PM

Happy easter to you all!
Posted by: Jo-Anne

Re: chat anyone? - 04/01/02 02:05 PM

A Happy Easter to you too Spike!

Just been in the chat room and there's no-one there - amazing when there are currently 13 members and 28 guests on the message board at the moment. frown

Hope the sun is shining in the Wirral - it certainly isn't here.

Posted by: Anonymous

Re: chat anyone? - 04/01/02 03:23 PM

Wirral rainy and miserable, only 16 days to go before im in madrid(im not counting though,honest!)
spike. laugh
Posted by: kk49827

Re: chat anyone? - 04/01/02 04:12 PM

You're right. It's amazing how no one uses the chat room.

Maybe we should all schedule a time to meet up and talk about Madrid.
Posted by: Diana

Re: chat anyone? - 04/01/02 10:06 PM

During one of MadridMan's trips to Spain ('00?) a bunch of us "met" in the chatroom to talk while the party at el Brillante was going on in Madrid. It was like a virtual Party in the Chatroom idea. Quite a few people showed up - even an imposter who claimed to be ... Well anyway, maybe we can do that again. Thursday, April 4, 9pm in Spain, (8pm in UK, 3pm on East Coast in US, etc, etc) until ????
Posted by: MadridMan

Re: chat anyone? - 04/03/02 10:58 AM

Iīve got 20 minutes left at this cybercafe! Letīs chat!!! laugh
Posted by: Shawn

Re: chat anyone? - 04/03/02 01:26 PM

I remember that chat quite well, it was great way to extend the festivities in a cyber way. I also remember that an imposter MadridMan made an apperance as well, despite not being the real mccoy it made for an interesting MadridMan memory. Thinking of which, the idea of a MadridMan "best of" topic is not such a bad idea. When I have some time I might just compile a few of my personal favorite posting from the past, maybe others would like to do likewise so we can all relive the MadridMan Greatest Hits.
Posted by: palice

Re: chat anyone? - 04/03/02 03:06 PM

Hello everyone on board at the moment! I only have some ten minutes so this will be a quick chat!How is the weather in Madrid MadridMan? I bet you are all looking forward to your party over there - and us being in the office will be green with envy! (Hope not laugh )