Playing Basketball (Madrid)

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Playing Basketball (Madrid) - 09/03/01 12:16 PM


As the weather gets cooler, I was wondering if anyone would like to start playing Basketball on the weekends, maybe at a set time on Saturdays. There is a nice court around Plaza Republica Dominicana (metro Colombia). Shoot me an email if you are interested.

Best Regards

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Re: Playing Basketball (Madrid) - 09/03/01 12:30 PM

Hi jmp110372!! Where in Spain are you hoping to play? I'm not familiar with Plaza Republica Dominicana. Is this in Barcelona? Madrid? Please remember to put the city location in your subject line so we all know to where you are referring. Thanks!
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Re: Playing Basketball (Madrid) - 09/03/01 12:36 PM

Sorry about that.

Plaza Republica Dominicana (or Dominicana Republica) is located in Madrid at Metro Colombia (Linea 9 between stops Concha Espina and Pio XII). It is also located next to Auto Pista M30 (I am not sure of the exit).
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Re: Playing Basketball (Madrid) - 09/03/01 01:06 PM

Yeah, that would be great ! Are there any good players there ?

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Re: Playing Basketball (Madrid) - 09/04/01 03:40 AM

There ARE players that USED TO BE good.

I can join you if you join peole enough.
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Re: Playing Basketball (Madrid) - 09/04/01 04:31 AM

How is 12 noon on Saturday for everyone? We can meet in front of the Holiday Gym in the Plaza (right next to the Hagen Daz store, how ironic). I will bring a ball.

Usually there are some people there, on the hot days no-one, but if we have 3 people, we can probably grab a few more and play either 3 on 3 or full court 4´s.

The quality of the players vary like every court. You will have the people out there to have fun to High school groups together practicing to people that play seriously. One thing I noticed about the difference between playing here and in NY is that Defense is rarely played here (and if it is they play zone) and they do not box out on rebounds. More emphasis on offense.

By the way, do not show up if you are not a Knicks fan wink .
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Re: Playing Basketball (Madrid) - 09/04/01 06:29 AM

12 is the earlier i wake up on Saturdays. It's ok.

If it were on sundays, it would be better for me in the afternoon. This is also a good time for me in Saturdays. And there are the afternoons/evenings the weekdays...

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Re: Playing Basketball (Madrid) - 09/04/01 05:42 PM

jmp110372: Since I won't be there to police the court, here are two things to do:

1) Make sure the locals take their obligatory smoke break about 30 minutes into your game. Dunks and Ducados...what could be better!?! :p

2) Enjoy...bball in Spain brings back a flood of memories, especially that extra-step-traveling thing that you can get away with in Europe...nothing a good hard foul doesn't cure though. heh heh heh...

Have fun!
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Re: Playing Basketball (Madrid) - 09/05/01 04:19 AM

Good to hear from you, Cali.

But, we tend to believe that the ones who do travelling are the NBA payers, who hold the ball too much in their hands when dribbling, walking in the meantime!

(Who was a basketball referee in the old times).
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Re: Playing Basketball (Madrid) - 09/06/01 08:37 PM

Ignacio: No argument from me. If they would've called Michael Jordan "según las reglas" over his career, he would've had more turnovers than baskets...we called him "el viajero".

I do notice that they've cracked down on the palming in the NBA, too, but old habits die hard. You'll notice when the refs make a palming call by the whiny, overpaid player looking around as if to say "me? you called that on me???!!!"

CaliBasco [who enjoys taking an extra step, and an extra swig of Slurpee, on his way to "el basket"]
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Re: Playing Basketball (Madrid) - 09/11/01 01:31 AM

Noon on Saturdays eh? I'm moving to Madrid for a year on the 25th (sept) and would LOVE to play some ball. If your still playing later in the month say so and I'll find it. Don't know about the Knicks though. Being from Baltimore I've been long taught that NY is inherently evil (at least the Yankees) :-)
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Re: Playing Basketball (Madrid) - 09/11/01 06:57 AM

We (Igancio and I) played last Saturday at noon and ran in a 5 on 5 for a couple of hours. It was fun, and as usual, the young ones ran up and down the court while I tried to catch up (I am a very old 28 years old).

The competition was good and we plan on doing this every Saturday. If anyone wants to play just shoot me an email. I will even look past if you are from Baltimore and want to play.

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Re: Playing Basketball (Madrid) - 09/17/01 06:37 PM

When I hear the word "basketball," my face lights up with joy. I will be coming to Madrid on the 29th of September and would love to play some ball. The one thing that I worried most about leaving the states is not being able to play basketball any more.

But I don't know if I will be allowed to play. I'm from Los Angeles so you know what team I root for. (It's not the Clippers either.)

See u on the courts,
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Re: Playing Basketball (Madrid) - 10/29/01 09:02 AM

Just wanted to find out if the Holiday Gym is the still the place to meet up; 12 on Saturdays? Would love to play some hoops!
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Re: Playing Basketball (Madrid) - 10/29/01 09:09 AM

Myself and Andrew have been playing.

Meet us there if you want.