Rock climbing partners (Madrid)

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Rock climbing partners (Madrid) - 05/27/01 10:31 AM

I have just moved to Madrid a couple of months ago and I am eager to find some people to go rock climbing with! I speak a little spanish but I am learning quickly, but I also speak german for any of yopu germans out there. I hope to hear from some of you!

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Re: Rock climbing partners (Madrid) - 06/01/01 10:54 PM

Where can you go rock climbing at in Espana?
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Re: Rock climbing partners (Madrid) - 06/05/01 04:58 PM

Spain is full of wonderful places to go rock climbing! One half hour north of Madrid is the Pedriza de Manzanares which has some peaks just over 2000 meters! Not too bad being so close to a major city. Check out this web site for other crags in Spain:

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Re: Rock climbing partners (Madrid) - 06/05/01 05:42 PM


A friend of mine climbs. In fact he's doing Nanga Parbat this spring. He's made the top of 12 of the 14 highest mountains in the world, and has done 5 climbs of Mt. Everest, without oxygen. His name is Ed Viesturs. I believe he's recognized as America's premiere climber now.

You must really be in good physical condition if you are climbing. It has to be one of the most demanding challenges there is.

I told Ed I'd join him on top of Mt. Everest as soon as they put in a cable car that takes me to the top... it's the only way I would ever get above a base camp.