To MMMB Members: You're Famous!

Posted by: MadridMan

To MMMB Members: You're Famous! - 07/19/01 03:36 PM

Hi Everyone! All MM'ers who have been onboard for awhile will remember aphra , who seemed to find her niche on the message board when writing about political/social policy and history with regards to Spain. Remember her?

Well, she just had an article published on the website, a site for singles and/or those who are in love. Her article, " Travel: What's Love Got To Do With It? ", is about traveling alone and what it can do and mean for you.

There's a NICE, full paragraph about AND mention of the message board and its 1700+ members!!! Woo Hoo! You're Famous!!! laugh Way to go, people!

And THANK YOU APHRA!!!!!! We/I miss you around here. frown wink

Saludos, MadridMan
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Re: To MMMB Members: You're Famous! - 07/19/01 09:09 PM

Congratulations to you MadridMan for your time in the sun. Aphra was a terrific asset to the site and it is too bad that Aphra no longer is able to visit. But, it seems you and your 1700 members have made their mark. You do deserve a great deal of Thanks for putting together this site and maintaining it so well. My hat is off to you MM. As Aphra said you have brought together many either directly or indirectly. Kudos! laugh laugh
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Re: To MMMB Members: You're Famous! - 07/19/01 11:57 PM

Viva Madridman!
Vivamos Nosotros!


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Re: To MMMB Members: You're Famous! - 07/20/01 02:35 PM

Great article by Aphra - and very kind words and judos for our leader and all the time and effort MM puts into a labor of love. laugh