NY City Dinner Group?

Posted by: billy ski

NY City Dinner Group? - 04/25/01 02:13 PM

They have met in LA & now are planning to meet in DC. What about NYC? Anyone interested? Lets hear it if there is. I would love to meet some of my brother & sister Spain Lovers from MM.com.
Posted by: MadridMan

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 04/25/01 03:51 PM

Hi billy ski!!! I wouldn't think you'd have TOO much trouble formulating a NYC dinner group. In fact, I recall a thread (or part of a thread) talking about Spanish restaurants in NYC among some of the NYC-area board members and I think there are MANY (NYC members AND Spanish restaurants in NYC).

Hope you can put it together! I wish *I* could attend!!

Saludos, MadridMan
Posted by: CaliBasco

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 04/25/01 04:34 PM

We sure are tired of setting ALL the trends out here in LA. rolleyes
Posted by: roses

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 04/25/01 06:10 PM

Well, I know that this is kind of far off, but I'll be in NYC for one day on Sunday, June 24th. If you guys are meeting around that time you can count me in... I'm stopping in New York before I head off to Madrid. If not, have a great time! Our LA get together was really nice. MadridMan: I think that you're starting a little club here. Next thing you know it, there'll be local chapters and dinner groups everywhere smile
Posted by: Asterault

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 04/26/01 08:52 AM

Xunta on 1st between 10th and 11th is good, or Ñ in Soho is where I would go.
Posted by: caminante

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 04/26/01 11:22 AM

Count me in smile smile smile Let's set a date. Weekends are better for me.
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 04/27/01 01:13 AM

How is the 17th or the 24th of June? They are both Sundays? Xunta in the East Village on 1st Ave between 10th & 11th Ave as recommended by Asterault from Barcelona. It gets a 20-14-14 by Zagat and is considered a real Bargain w/ terrific tapas and Sangria. Any other suggestions? Post em up. Lets hear it.
Posted by: Asterault

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 04/27/01 05:18 AM

There's one called Taperia Madrid on the Upper East too which is decent and there's a Catalan place up there too.
Posted by: mclarke

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 04/27/01 11:03 AM


I will be in NYC around June and I can certainly schedule my visit within the time frame you guys will MM's NYC Dinner. You have my email. Just keep me inform.

Posted by: roses

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 04/27/01 01:35 PM

Well, I'm definitely down for the 24th in the evening. Preferably 7 or 8 if that's not too late. I hope everyone picks the 24th wink
Posted by: caminante

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 04/28/01 06:00 AM

The 24th sounds good to me and 7 or 8 is early by Spanish standards wink
Posted by: rgf

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 04/28/01 06:15 PM

I heard Xunta has changed owners and is no longer as good/interesting as it used to be. But the bar atmosphere might be good for a group. Sorry i won't be in NY then!! I really liked a restaurant over by the UN called Marichu... good food, not too expensive...
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 04/29/01 12:01 PM

Well my friends, so far we have recommendations from two regulars on a restaurant for the NYC get-together. Asterault lives in Barcelona and RGF cannot be there. Looks like some field work needs to be done. I'll force myself to investigate a few Spanish Rests in a centralized area for convenience of attendees. The Village is the likely spot as everyone knows where it is and it has a European feel to it still to this day. Alas, the burdensome undertakings we must make on behalf of our Brothers & Sisters from MM.com. I can't wait! I'll report my findings soon.Keep those cards & letters comin.
Posted by: roses

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 04/29/01 04:12 PM

Thanks for picking the 24th. I will soooo be there!!! See you soon! E-mail me with all the details at roseadkins@hotmail.com...roses.
Posted by: esperanza

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 04/29/01 04:19 PM

I will also try to be there! We have to find someone to watch our kids, but my husband(another Madrid-lover) and I would love to join the group! I will also think of possible places.
Posted by: Majesty318

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 04/29/01 06:38 PM

Count me in! I was wondering if the dinner group phenomenon would eventually work its way over to NYC! laugh
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/01/01 01:49 PM

Dear NYC Attendees: I'll check out El Charro Espanol @ 4 Charles St in GV this weekend for Sat. 6/24. So far we have 7 for sure plus a young Senorita from Malaga I met this weekend. She is interested in attending with her young man and also is thrilled about MM.com when I explained our lifeline to Spain to her.Looks like 10 people for sure but all are welcome to attend.By the way Zagat survey gives El Charro a 22-15-20 rating which is outstanding for food in this price range. Spread the word and I'll be back.
Posted by: MadridMan

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/01/01 02:18 PM

This is REALLY shaping up!!! I wonder if Aphra (if she's reading this) would consider attending too since she's in NY as well. I know she's very busy these days.

As with the Washington D.C. group dinner, if someone could take along a camera and snap a couple group photos I'll be happy to post them right here.

Have fun!!! Wish I was there! Saludos, MadridMan
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/01/01 06:22 PM

I've been wondering the same about Aphra. I know she's from the Village and this restaurant would be very convenient for her as GV is kinda small. I hadn't seen any postings of wisdom or Anarchy lately so figured she was on assignment.If you are out there Aphra, Plesae respond.We miss yor postings if nothing else.
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/03/01 11:25 AM

MadridMan: You are right about Aphra being very busy. We spoke yesterday and she is unable to be on the board now BUT will attend the NYC gathering on June 24th. It looks like 10 will be in attendance(counting my girl and the Malaga Senorita I mentioned along with her Hombre.This includes one that is pretty sure of attending but I prefer to be positive.There is still room for more but whatever the turnout I'm sure it will be a fun night.I look forward to putting a face to the people I've been communicating with by cyber-space for almost one year(6 months since signing on).Plus it's always a great night eating Spanish food and in Greenwich Village you better be good or you do not last.Any ideas or suggestions from you LA old pros would be appreciated. be talkin to ya. Bill Ski
Posted by: laduque

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/03/01 02:07 PM

Sounds like the NYC dinner group is going to be a HUGE success!!!! I know you guys will have the greatest time...We here on the other coast will be anxiously awaiting the details...

How fortunate for you all to meet Roses in NYC and Madrid, she was such a pleasure to meet!!! smile
Posted by: roses

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/03/01 06:08 PM


how sweet of you to say that. it was such a PLEASURE meeting you, too...roses.
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/03/01 08:30 PM

Roses: I noticed your posting about being in Madrid for 6/20 @ the MM.com gathering.Lucky Lucky you but I see you intend to be in NYC for our gathering on 6/24. Will you be able to leap continents at a single bound? If so you are my new heroine.If not please clarify. You know you come with a high recommendation from Ladaque who is #529 while I am #528. That makes us nearly twins.
Posted by: roses

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/04/01 12:43 AM

oops, i better clarify that... i am going to madrid on june 25, arriving on the 26th. i'll definitely be in new york on sunday, june 24... i am so looking forward to meeting all of you new yorkins!!! ciao, roses.
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/04/01 03:10 PM

Oop! I forgot to mention that everyone is welcome to bring a friend or escort or both. Just let me know what your intentions are so when I speak to the reataurantours I can estimate our attendance.How selfish of me & I beg your forgiveness.
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/06/01 12:29 AM

Well my friends I was in GV today and checked out a few Spanish rests. The one I was after initially is the one that can accomodate our group. El Charro Espanol at 4 Charles St in NYC. It is between Greenwich Ave & 7th Ave So. They welcome our group but of course will need a deposit to hold it for June 24th at 7Pm. I explained we expect anywhere from 15 to 20 people and they were fine. The other rests would only commit for a group for Lunch hours. They can set up a Prix-Fixe or order a la carte. What do you think guys? Let me know and anything else that you can think of. It is a lovely cozy place and the Manager I spoke with was unsuprisingly friendly. I think we can fit nicely and be comfortable while taking up a good portion of the place.The rest has high ratings with zagat and has that Homey, Friendly Spanish feel that most of us love. It is not Madrid but it will be as close as you can get in NYC. The menu is very varied and of course the prices are not like in Spain. But I have seen a lot higher in NY. We can have a great time here and please someone bring a camera. Mark that date off on your calander for Madridman.com in NY laugh [img]null[/img]
Posted by: GranadaGirl

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/06/01 12:46 PM

Hi all!!

I just found this thread. I'm from Connecticut, but I will surely try to be in the city for this gathering. It sounds like a lot of fun and I'd love to meet some of you.

I'll keep looking for updates on this.

GranadaGirl aka Denise
Posted by: Asterault

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/07/01 09:09 AM

I will be in NY the first week of August, so let's plan something for then too.
Posted by: Jenny

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/08/01 06:33 AM

June 24th sounds great. I'll be there!
Haven't seen a time mentioned.
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/08/01 12:15 PM

Welcome Jenny. This is shaping up nicely and you are right I neglected to mention the time. Plan on 7PM starting time. Although anyone is welcome earlier as they have a bar @ El Charro Espanol. Right now we are looking at 7 members for sure and 2 who will try to be there.This is not including guests and escorts. As it is still early we don't know for sure but 15 is a reasonable estimate. This lovely restaurant is in a convenient and old fashioned part of the West Village. I know our group will have a great time here.
Posted by: MadridMan

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/08/01 01:11 PM

It doesn't seem anyone has mentioned it above, but El Charro Español has a website @ http://www.el-charro-espanol.com . Looks Nice!!
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/08/01 01:39 PM

My hat is off to you MM. I have their card & their menu and it has no Website address. I am also a big google.com fan and never looked for a site. Thanks for the information as it will allow others to visit and see how nice it is. Also those that cannot attend but want to can visit the sight and be there in spirit, if not in person. Are you sure you cannot attend MM? It would be great to meet with you and I'll pay for YOUR dinner if you can come.As far as prices go El Charro is less expensive than most NYC Spanish rests. But the offer is extended only to MM for the Meal on me. No impersonators Please! Thanx again MM for finding the sight.
Posted by: MadridMan

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/08/01 02:16 PM

Thanks billy ski! If my sister still lived in Chelsea, as she did up until last summer, I would make a serious effort to take you up on your offer. smile Otherwise, with airfare ($200+?) AND lodging ($100+/night) I don't think I'll be able frown . But thanks!! laugh Have a GREAT time, all!!

And yes, I did find the website through a www.Google.com search. That is definite THE BEST search engine on the planet.

Saludos, MadridMan
Posted by: GranadaGirl

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/10/01 10:53 PM

I just checked out the website, and it looks so SPANISH!!! I'm sooo excited, I'm going to see if I can get my friend who studied in Spain with me to go, she loves Spain too!

Hopefully I'll see you all soon!
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/11/01 11:54 AM

Dear GranadaGirl: Does this mean I can change you from a maybe to a definetely? I hope so and you do know your friend is welcome to come, don,t ya? This is really shapin up to be a big hit.Keep in touch.
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/14/01 08:52 PM

Are "the Usual Suspects" still interested in our NYC get together? I mean MClarke,Caminante,Roses,Jenny,Majesty,Aphra,Bill Ski and GranadaGirl and maybe Esperanza. I know it's still 5 weeks until our gathering but I need to know and at the same time keep this item high on the "General Chatter" column. Keep the energy high level and mark this date in STONE. June 24th @ 7PM . It is a Sunday evening. Let me hear from you in this column. Regards Ski
Posted by: MadridMan

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/14/01 10:34 PM

MAN!!! I wish I could attend that one!! I'll be in Bradenton, Florida for my grandfather's 86th birthday that weekend (I only see him about once a year so.. well.. you know how it is....) and I can't/don't want to miss that. He's in great shape and would love to see him while I have the chance. I'm sure you'll ALL have a GRRRREAT time in NYC for a wonderful Spanish dinner. MAN!!

Saludos, MadridMan
Posted by: Nic

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/15/01 10:01 AM

Wow, what a small world, MM, I'll be in Sarasota at the same time, visiting my parents at the beach, through the fourth of July.
Posted by: mclarke

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/15/01 11:09 AM

billy ski
Well, count me in. My daughter who spent 6-months in Madrid will also be there. She is doing an internship with American Express this summer. You will have the opportunity to hear her say "hasta luego" Madrilena accent. See you all!
Posted by: esperanza

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/15/01 01:08 PM

My husband and I will be there...looking forward to it! We are celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary that weekend...what a great way to celebrate. We met in Madrid in 1979! (Wow it sounds like ages ago!) We are going to have to bring our 2 girls (6 and 11 years old) who are very well behaved and great kids. Thanks again for organizing this billyski
Posted by: caminante

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/15/01 03:43 PM

Billy, As I've told you in the email, my wife and I are definitely IN. See you all on June 24.
Posted by: roses

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/15/01 04:19 PM

billy ski:
wow, how many people do you have coming to this dinner? it seems like a lot! warren and i are looking forward to meeting all of you...roses

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Posted by: MadridMan

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/16/01 09:45 PM

My Goodness!!! Too bad this NYC Dinner Group is more than a month away!! I'M anxious!!! Maybe, like roses, I'd LOVE to stop in NYC for the dinner there AND continue on to Madrid for THAT dinner group! WOW!! That should be GREAT!!! laugh
Posted by: Majesty318

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/17/01 12:37 AM

I'll be there and bringing either my mom or a friend. That is, unless I by some miracle find the cheap airfare to Madrid I am looking for and depart on the 24th... I'll let you know!
Posted by: papi

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/17/01 07:48 AM

Posted by: roses

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/17/01 12:33 PM


What type of airfare are you looking for? And out of what city are you departing? I may be able to help you find a really good fare. Let me know...roses.
Posted by: Majesty318

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/17/01 07:30 PM

Hey roses,
I am looking to depart from Newark to Madrid. Not JFK- my parents already don't want me to go let alone drive me to JFK. Just today I found one for $704 on Expedia, via British. That is more than I hoped I could get on Priceline but that didn't work out, and it is hundreds less than the other fares I've found. So... what do you guys think? Roses, any suggestions? Thanks!
Posted by: roses

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/17/01 07:59 PM

I placed a message for you under your request in transportation. Check it out. It talks about the different airlines and techniques I used to find my ticket (-:
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/18/01 12:39 AM

Papi: Of course you are invited to the MM.com gathering in Greenwich Village NYC. All are welcome that are MMers or friends or family of MMers. We look forward to meeting each other as well as any Spain lover. Please come and introduce yourself and in the interim just become part of the MM.com family. See you on 6/24 @ 7PM.
Posted by: Majesty318

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/18/01 01:42 AM

Well, unfortunately I must back out as I will be departing for Spain as you all sit down to dinner! I really wanted to come, it just worked out that leaving that day fit my plans the best. I hope there is another one later in the summer or in the fall or something.
Posted by: GranadaGirl

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/18/01 11:43 AM

Hi Billy and all-

You're going to have to change me to a 'no'. Unfortunately, I'll be in Atlanta for business that weekend and won't be able to attend the dinner. :-( Anyone going to be there?!

Have a great time, and I'll join you all the next time!

Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/18/01 12:58 PM

Oh No, both Majesty and Granada Girl are out.My worst fears have been realized. Actually I would love to trade places with you Majesty and fly off to Madrid rather than have dinner in GV. But we must make do the best we can and that will be by assembling on 6/24 and transporting ourselves to Spain as a group fueled by each others love of Spain and dedication to MM.com I expect that will suffice and we all can go off after dinner having put faces to our cyber-friendships.I look forward to it very much. Enjoy Atlanta GG. Maybe you can get together with a few MMers while in town.Keep in touch and post your experiences in Madrid whenever possible Majesty.
Posted by: Jenny

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/20/01 01:46 PM

Hi Billy:

Been out of town last two weeks and am
responding to your 5/14 question "are you
all...still interested in dinner on June 24th?". Yes, I am still interested but
must admit that I checked out the ratings on
the ElCharro website and both ratings listed
it as "expensive" with meals at around $35.
Maybe you should see who might be interested
in finding some place less pricy. Jenny
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/20/01 07:37 PM

Well Jenny, I must admit that I would prefer El Charro to be less expensive but it is what it is.If you know somewhere else that is cheaper and has the reputation El C. has to go along with the willingness to accomodate 15 to 20 people, please let me know. I have no particular love for this restaurant but according to what I have seen out there it seems to be fine.Also a big concideration of mine is the convenience of location that El C. has being in G. Village and pretty much known to all. For me it is inconvenient but I have no problem making the trip so I can meet in a centrally located place that is more attractive to the majority. AS for the prices I have a copy of their Menu and the most expensive dish is Lobster Tails in White tails which is 33.00 and concists of 3 L.Ts. A very popular dish I used to gauge the costliness is Paella A La Valenciana, as this is known to all and is hearty and costly to put together.The cost is 17.25 and I thought this was resonable. I have had this dish in other rests around NY and belive me this is not costly. One more example is an appetizer known and loved by all is Tortilla Espanola and this costs 6.25. Not cheap, but in Toledo I paid 600 pesatas last Nov. & this is about 3.33 USD. So decide for yourselves. I do know the other few rests I spoke with could not accomodate us as they obviously have a steadier crowd. One is the Seville on Charles St. and they said only for Lunch and the costs there were much higher. Although; right near my home in Long Beach there is a great little rest by the name of Meson Seville and their prices are much lower but who wants to come to Island Park NY or who can even find it unless familiar with LINY. Let me know out there what you guys want and of course I'll be in line with it. Regard: Ski
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/23/01 04:39 PM

Hi MMers: It has been three days since I posted my reasons & response to Jennys inquiry. Nothing from Jenny and no comments from intended NYC gatherers. What is the feeling out there in MM.com land? Please advise. Ski rolleyes
Posted by: esperanza

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/23/01 05:37 PM

My family and I will be there and we are looking forward to it...I think your suggestions and ideas were right on target. THANK YOU for all of the effort trying to put this together. esperanza
Posted by: caminante

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/24/01 09:42 AM

I think the restaurant sounds good and reasonable. Sure it'd be cheaper in Madrid, but hey we live in New York City. It sounds like the $35 price isn't reached without alcohol. Billy, great job- see you in exactly one month!!
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/26/01 01:38 AM

Caminante: I think you got the correct formula.The rule used by Zagat is one drink plus tax & tip to reach the estimated cost of a meal. The 35.00 Jenny quoted is probably achieved in in this manner. Whatever it is, if you guys got a better place just let me know. Otherwise Thanks for the Votes of Confidence. Looking forward to our get together mucho. Ski wink
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/27/01 10:01 AM

Dear Friends: I am off to the Bahamas for one week in 1 hour and I'll leave directly from the West Side of NYC on NCL. I'll miss you & will not be checking my mail so Lets Keep this thread alive & Kicking. Don't let it sink into oblivion. I'll miss you all.Regards Ski laugh
Posted by: Jenny

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/28/01 11:53 AM

Hi Billy:
Have a great time in the Bahamas. I just came back from a few weeks in Miami. I sent
you an e-mail with some alternate suggestions
for spanish restaurants in NYC but I have a
feeling you may not have gotten it. Anyway -this was for future possibilities. I will
be joining you with one guest on June 24th.
Thanks for your legwork in organizing.

For Spanish enthusiasts: there is a "everything Spanish" URL --- http://www.spanishnewyork.com
that I discovered recently!! Jenny

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Posted by: caminante

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 05/31/01 02:14 PM

I just noticed that there is a free salsa concert at Summerstage in Central Park on the afternoon of 6/24:

El Gran Combo

It should end at about the time of the dinner or slightly before.
Posted by: Lindsaywmoore

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 06/01/01 03:12 PM

Hey ya'll. I won't be able to be at your dinner in NYC, but I do have a suggestion for an EXCELLENT and inexpensive Spanish restaurant. It's called Meson Sevilla & I have absolutely NO IDEA how to get there. You can call info to get the cross streets. It is pretty near the broadway area. I worked in NY during the world series & I absolutely fell in love with the restaurant, bar and people. If you go, please tell them that Lindsay from FOX sent you. We were there for two weeks during the Subway Series & they served a group of 75 of us from FOX Sports. We had a ball & they did too. I was back in NY in December & I walked back into the bar & they all remembered me & treated me fantastically. They have great paella, great service, and GREAT (though dangerous) Sangria. I highly recommend it! Have a great time & next time I'm in NY, I'm organizing another dinner! lindsay
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 06/03/01 05:40 PM

Hola Amigos: We just sailed back into NYC from Nassau and we had a great time. Not Spain but nice anyway as I've never been on a cruise before. I'm glad to see Jenny will be with us at the 6/24 Dinner in GV. The numbers are rising and it could now be 20 people. I think that would be a good number of MMers and guests. Caminante : Thanks for the info on Summerstage as I've been to a couple and they can be great. Thank You also Lindsaywmoore for your suggestion and I'll be at a show in the City Tuesday and I'll scout around for the Meson Seville & check it out. Gotta check the mail and have something to eat. After a cruise you need to eat every 3 hours in order to get back to normal eating patterns or else go Cold Turkey. Talk to you soon. Regards, Ski cool
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 06/06/01 08:57 PM

Hola: Now I am postings responses to my own response. Yikes! I am so exited because I spent today making arrangements to be back in Barcelona & Madrid for 1 week this November. As a matter of fact we will spend Thanksgiving in madrid. That sure is something to be Thankful for.I can't believe it. We had expected to travel to Eastern Europe but spontanaity is the secret to inexpensive travel.I'm going to pinch myself. laugh laugh laugh
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 06/10/01 01:44 PM

Hola: The BIG day is finally drawing near and I need to firm up the reservations.I estimate 15 will be at the Dinner so if all would ring in I will firm up the day 6/24 @ 7PM with El Charro Espanol. I'll visit them late this coming week and make a deposit. So if All the Usual Suspects would be so kind & reaffirm I'll do the honors.Muy Bien. Saludos, Ski wink
Posted by: roses

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 06/11/01 02:42 PM

Hi Billy Ski:

Both Warren and I will be attending. Can't wait to meet everyone...roses
Posted by: caminante

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 06/11/01 10:39 PM

Billy: My wife and I will be attending. We just got home from an incredible week in Italy. Next year, we will go twice to Spain if the current plan holds. See you all soon!!!!!!
Posted by: Jenny

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 06/12/01 05:58 PM

Hi Billy: I am re-confirming June 24th for
myself and two more (Carlos & Ann). We are
all definite "will-attends". Jenny
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 06/16/01 09:48 PM

Dear friends: Hola & Esplendido that you all are going to be at the dinner on 6/24 in El Charro Espanol @ 7PM. I regret that some were forced to drop out at the last minute due to unforseen circumstances. They will be missed.I was away for the last 5 days & I have not dropped of the "Face of the Earth" I will be in contact tommorow w/ the rest & make reservations for 15. There are more committed to attend from off the board . Regarding cost & method of selection. conferred early on w/ the Washington DC dinner group and they whacked up the bill evenly.We all can order A La Carte & contribute accordingly.The price ranges were discussed earlier in this column.I'm not sure what to do with an alcohol tab. I imagine we can keep it seperate and divide that according to consumption. Some do not indulge and some do. Suggestions are always welcome.Anyhow, the countdown has begun. Only 8 days til we MMers meet in GV for our introductions and Espana sharings. I cannot wait.As always, Bill Ski laugh laugh
Posted by: Jenny

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 06/17/01 10:00 AM

Hi Billy:
You asked for suggestions about the bill:
Well - why not let the waitress make separate
for each diner - 15, or even 20 is not a big
deal. I go out in groups often and we always
ask for this because - in my case, neither
me nor my two accompanying friends drink and
are vegetarians - so why would we want to participate in paying for other's choices.
With separate checks, the problem of the
liquor tab is also settled. Jenny
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 06/17/01 08:45 PM

Jenny: Thanks for the idea and I'm sure all will be worked out to everyone's liking.The reservations are made and we are expected.I do not see any problem regarding checks and seperate liquor bills.Let us not complicate matters more than they may be under ordinary circumstances. By the way I just got a mailing from a village resident who advises me to suggest to all that they allow some extra time to travel as the Gay Pride Parade is scheduled for the same day and it will be extra crowded in the Village. So give yourself some EXTRA Time Kids so as to not miss any of the fun.It is just 166 1/2 hours til the Gathering. I expect a fine time with fine food and fine friends. Saludos, Ski laugh laugh
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 06/20/01 01:15 PM

Hola again: I am feeling like an old hen but here is the update.The reservations made at El Charro Espanol for Sunday evening @ 7PM are under the name Madridman. Originally they were made for Bill Williams (Nom De Pluma)as my last name has 11 letters & quite difficult. If anyone has cameras then bring em along & if you have digitals all the better cause I think we then can transmit them to the website.I will arrive about 6 in case of early arrivals. So until then or until some comment rolls in. Saludos, Bill Ski wink wink
Posted by: MadridMan

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 06/20/01 03:31 PM

Hahahaa!! You gave me a chuckle, billy ski! I'm honored you made the reservations in my name/pseudonym.
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 06/24/01 02:03 PM

Dear NYC Attendees of Madridman.com dinner. The time is finally upon us for the NYC Dinner. Kathi & I are soon heading into Greenwich Village to meet & greet all. Any late deciders are welcome and we are looking forward to meeting & socializing with all madridman.com lovers. Thank you Madridman for making this all possible. You will be toasted.See y'all later. Bill laugh laugh
Posted by: billy ski

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 06/25/01 12:09 PM

Yes my friends the big day has finally come and passed.We met last night in El charro Espanol in Greenwich Village and the much anticipated dinner and assembly of Madridman.comers are now friends. Not just cyberspace friends but face to face friends.At 7PM as the restaurant filled up and 11 vacant chairs stared Kathi & I along with our friend Fran in the face. At 7:01 the MMers started to pour in. First to arrive was the bubbly and eloquent MClarke with her 2 lovely young adult children. Her daughter you may remember was her travel partner last December throughout Spain.She is all that MClarke said she was. Next to arrive was the founder of the local NYC chapter of Globetrotters.com Laurie B.She is a recent Madrid visitor and of course she is now in love with Spain. She was accompanied by her friend(& now ours)Mary who had the good fourtune to live three years in Barcelona. On their heels came Caminante (Ed)accompanied by his lovely wife Maria.We all have appreciated Cam's subtle wisdom regarding many Spanish discussions.We all began to identify each other and introduce our dates or dinner companions.It was a thrill to meet those I feel a special affinity for from reading postings for the last year.Of course MadridMan was toasted and Thanked for his founding the vehicle that allowed us all to assemble.Thank You MM and you were sorely missed. As we ordered and we began to eat the wonderful meals prepared for us I sat with an emptiness knowing that someone that was expected hadn't showded up. After chowing down a good portion of my delicious meal I glanced up with a mouth full of food to listen with my eyes as well as my ears and at the end of the table was now sitting the vivacious and glamorous Roses. She you may remember is the lucky person who has attended the initial MM dinner in LA and now was making friends in NYC only to fly on tommorow to Madrid to finalize preparations for this Saturdays MM.comer's dinner she organized. The assembly was complete,(although not including all those that initially responded their intent to attend but were derailed by different circumstances)we had the group that wanted to and was able to attend.It was a nice feeling and now the Maitre Dei was no longer giving me dirty looks wink Good cheer filled the air and Spanish stories were swapped. Laughter and conviviality was prevalent laugh The evening's assembly seemed to go too fast.The bill arrived and was whacked up and whacked up again and El Charro received their due.Departure began and we started to file out amongst kisses and hugs from all in attendance. As Kathi,Fran & I walked to our car it seemed as if it never happened.As if it were just a dream.But I know better.Lifelong friends had been made and memories established to recall and draw on whenever longing for our adopted Country, our adopted Patria: Espana! Hasta Luego & Saludos. laugh laugh wink
Posted by: MadridMan

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 06/26/01 12:53 AM

Hello Group!!!! I'm SO happy to hear the NY City Dinner meeting was a BIG success and all had an enjoyable time!

Thanks so much to billy ski for arranging it all and for the wonderful description of the get together. Aaahh.. it brings back warm memories of the "Party With MadridMan" gatherings in Madrid the past two years and wished I could be there with you in NYC.

I hope SOMEONE took photos!!! wink Saludos, MadridMan
Posted by: caminante

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 06/26/01 10:07 AM

Billie, Thanks for doing such a great job organizing, we had a great time and it was super to finally meet yourself, MClarke and family, Roses, and everyone else. We should plan another dinner or another activity this summer, and maybe some of those who missed this one can come.
Posted by: GranadaGirl

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 06/26/01 09:57 PM

Thanks, Billy for arranging this, eventhough I couldn't make it, I'm glad it was such a success. Count me in on any other activities!! I'm soo bummed I couldn't make the event, but I was on a business trip to Atlanta. I DID find an "Ella Baila Sola" & a Sevillanas CD in the Borders there, so I bought that in honor of our adopted patria and all of you!

I'm glad it went great, is anyone planning on posting pictures?
Posted by: roses

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 06/27/01 03:19 AM

Hello everyone! The dinner was a great success and I hope that the one this Saturday will be just as good. It was so cool meeting Billy Ski, Caminante, MClark, and everyone else. As I said before, the people that utilize the MadridMan site are really cool, nice and sweet people to know. I had a great time and it made my brief time in New York a memorable and enjoyable one. Life really is good... when you sit back and just take a look, you´ll realize how wonderful life can really be... saludos de Madrid...roses.
Posted by: esperanza

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 06/27/01 07:12 PM

I am so glad things went well at the dinner on Sunday night. I was thinking of you all and although we couldn't be there (this time!) we drank a bottle of Marques de Riscal and were thinking of you all. My family and I will be back from Spain late August...and we would love to try and get together with you guys after that. I hope that can materialize. Thanks again Billy for arrnaging it...I can't wait for the pictures.
Posted by: mclarke

Re: NY City Dinner Group? - 06/28/01 08:24 AM

It is quite amazing to meet in persons the regulars of MM's site like billski (with Kathi and Fran), Caminante (w/ Maria), Rosas and Billy's friend from another site, Mary and her friend). My family had a great time! My son was so amused that friends via internet meet for dinner. This is my second MM dinner and both dinners were just so entertaining. I enjoyed my visiting New York City.