Spaniards living in Texas.

Posted by: Tejano

Spaniards living in Texas. - 08/02/01 01:11 PM

Hola, are there any people from Spain that live in Texas? I would like to meet Spaniard that live/work/study in Houston, Texas or its surroundings. smile
Posted by: Tejano

Re: Spaniards living in Texas. - 08/02/01 01:24 PM

Since my early years in College I have been fasinated with Spain. I have studied its History, Culture, Language and much more. Finally I will be able to visit Madrid this November. After reading all the stories good and bad, I still want to go. I keep reading about the enormous problem of Pick Pockets and petty theft that occurs in the major cities of Spain. Regardless, I will visit this beautiful country.
Posted by: kk49827

Re: Spaniards living in Texas. - 08/03/01 11:44 AM

I'm glad you've enjoyed your studies so much Tejano.
Although I am not a native Spaniard, I have been to Spain three times. One of those times was for over two months in a langauage classes. So, although I may not be able to give you all the information you need, I'd be more than willing to offer my advice.
It's nice to see a fellow Texan who enjoys Spain as much as I do.
Posted by: Tejano

Re: Spaniards living in Texas. - 08/07/01 12:48 PM

Hello KK49! Nice to know that there is someone near by that enjoys Spain. I live in Houston. I'm planning to go to Madrid in Thanksgiving. We will go to Seville for 2 days and then 6 days in Madrid. Any good Hotels you recommend we stay in at Madrid?