South From Granada

Posted by: chivasusa

South From Granada - 02/03/15 04:11 PM

I am reading South From Granada by Gerald Bremen. It's one of the better known books about Spain. Published in 1957 it chronicles his time living in Yegen in the 1920's. He also writes about some of his wanderings through surrounding villages and cities. It is reminiscent of the great writings of Richard Ford from a century earlier. [Gatherings in Spain] Has the village life in Andalucia changed much in the last century? Many have probably relocated to the big cities. Maybe some of the villages are ghost towns now. Colomo made a film based on this book, I don't remember it too well, it would be hard to capture this book on the screen. Alastair Boyd wrote 2 similar books from his base in Ronda, The Road From Ronda and The Sierras of The South. they are quite good if lesser known.