How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis?

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How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 04/13/20 03:36 AM

Hi everyone
It would be great to hear from you on how you are coping with the current crises especially if you are in lockdown.
I was thinking that it would be fantastic to hear from members who were active contributors to the forum in bygone days - what about posting an update of how you are so that generate some discussions on times past and present.

Arturo and OsoMajor - how about it? Whatever are you up to now? Let's get the ball rolling!

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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 04/13/20 06:57 AM

I do miss posting on MadridMan. I started posting in January, 2001 and the site was very active back then. Maybe some of the old time posters will respond.

The situation here in NYC is very bad and the quarantine will be in effect for quite a while. I am glad that I got to visit my friends in Fuengirola/Málaga for the month of January.
I was supposed to return next week for a month but that trip has been canceled. I don't know when I will be able to return. Hopefully before the end of the year.

It was through MadridMan that RobbieRoy and I first made contact and we met in Fuengirola. Maybe we can meet again next year. Since we share the same birthday, perhaps we can meet on January 14th. Now that I am retired, I usually go there for the months of January, May and October.

Hopefully this post will generate some discussion.

Take care and stay safe... Arturo
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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 04/14/20 09:14 PM

Hey Guys, what started as an inquiry a week ago is hopefully going to bring some life back into the website. I'm sure many old timers as well as newer members would welcome back the great conversations and topics we used to have here.

I personally stopped posting and even stopped visiting MM site a few years back. I felt I didn't really have much more to add than my personal opinion on topics as I've never been to Spain,[title of a Three Dog Night song :)]. That and for other reasons.

Because of the virus crisis in Spain and how hard it was hit, I thought about Scott and how he was doing. So I decided to send him a message to see how he was coping but never got a response. I visited MM site to check things out and that's when I noticed that it pretty much looked abandoned. I thought that Scott may have moved the site to another platform of social media but I really couldn't see anything that might have indicated that such as a notice to inform members of a new location and such.

The only activity I found was Rob's posts about his van travels. So I took a chance and messaged him to get some clues to see what happened to the MM site. I wasn't expecting a response since I wasn't sure he would check his messages or whether the message board was still working. But lo and behold Rob did respond. We've talked about the site's good ole days of activity and meeting friends through it.

We both wondered about all the people we've gotten to know and wondered how they were doing, where they're at now and how they are coping with the pandemic in their part of the world.

I live in Southern California, in Orange County. Our state has been hit hard by the virus. So far we have 22,348 confirmed cases state wide, 810 recovered, 687 deaths to date. LA county is under 10,000 at 9420 cases and 320 deaths. Orange Co. is at 1283 cases with 19 deaths. Numbers keep changes so they may be higher. California was the first state in the US to impose a statewide lockdown. For the most part the majority of the population has been very cooperative. At first there were some that weren't taking the lockdown seriously but the governor cracked down on violators and businesses that were staying open.

Since I am a transit bus driver my job is considered an essential
agency to keep the population moving and getting people to work, doctors visits or hospitals, grocery stores, etc. So I have not been impacted as far as working. However, we have had a tremendous reduction in service where we are running on a Sunday schedule 7 days a week. Currently we are not collecting any fares and all passengers are riding free of charge. Since many businesses are closed as well as schools our ridership is extremely low. The other day I only had three passengers on my bus on a bus trip that is approximately 25 miles one way! Unheard of for this particular line since it services Disneyland!

So far myself and my sons are doing well, they are still living at home with me keeping me company since my wife past away some 14yrs ago. I'm concerned for them as both have some health issues. My older son has several medical problems and my younger son has asthma, although he hasn't had an asthma attack in a few years, thanks in part to medical cannabis. Prior to using it his asthma would flair up at least once or twice monthly. My other son also uses cannabis and it has been a God send for him! But that's for a different topic. So, we've been staying at home only going out for groceries or work. We haven't even visited family or friends since the lockdown. We just chat over the phone to keep in touch. We have two little dogs and we walk them for exercise. I love to cook so we've had some really nice dinners since we can't go out and eat! I make a great paella, fabada, chilendron and fideua. Anyone hungry!

Hector smile
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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 04/16/20 11:15 PM

My son went to Target this morning to buy a few items and found a 12 pack of toilet paper on the shelf, only one left. He grabbed it just in time as another shopper turned into the aisle and saw him taking it. Not too happy according to Jake.

There's plenty of meat, produce, booze, dairy on the shelves, but toilet paper! Seriously of all things to horde!!! If there's anything that's gonna stick to my mind 10yrs from now when my grandchildren ask me, Grandpa what was the worst thing about the great pandemic of 2020? And I'll answer...I couldn't wipe my @$$ cuz we didn't have any toilet paper!!!
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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 04/18/20 03:32 AM

It is great to read some new posts by long standing members of the forum. Thanks for your updated Arturo and OsoMajor.

Like Arturo I too am now retired and thoroughly enjoying it. I was in the fortunate position to be able to accept early retirement due to the impact of the 2008/9 worldwide slump.

For a short time I was able to continue travelling to the South of Spain but then a change in personal circumstance meant that Andalucia was no longer the attraction that it was.

During this period very good Spanish friends of mine who have always remained in touch move to Galicia and repeatedly encouraged me to come and visit.

This I did and they dragged me to the golf course nearly every day. This is how I got into golf.

All this has been documented in these posts if you are interested.


Unfortunately Dominique became ill two years ago so I did not visit. Now Fernando is undergoing medical treatment for cancer. Please pray for them is you are so inclined. We still keep in touch regularly.

I too had booked a holiday and was die to travel to Israel in March but the trip was cancelled.

Now during the Coronavirus crisis I've settled into a new routine - what is your lockdown routine?

I wonder what happened to
Book lady
Steve Robinson
Antonio and

Where are you now and what are you doing?

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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 04/19/20 05:15 AM

Hello, old timers! Great seeing some of you here. Sorry to hear that life has been challenging for you, but hope there are many many good days ahead.

Yeah, I essentially stopped accepting new registrations to the message board, because 99% of them were on spam lists. That, plus now I'm working full-time elsewhere and have little spare time to dedicate to maintenance. I'm so sorry!

We're going on our 5th week of no-school/classes and 4th week of lockdown in Spain - I think. All the days run together. I'm tele-working and working twice or three times more than before, but at least I'm working, so that's good. I typically go out twice a week to do the shopping, but that's all. Three coworker's had a parent die from "The Thing" and an uncle from my circle of Spanish friends also died from "it", so it's quite present. Apart from that, we're doing the best we can and wondering and worrying that all those quaint, mom&pop bars and establishments, the same ones which give Madrid and Spain it's charm, won't survive the long shutdown - and will have to shut down.

As for the others you list, robbieroy, Pedmar posts in the shoutbox from time to time.
Steve Robinson is living in England again as of ... 8 years ago.
Antonio is married and has a family.
Esperanza is happy and healthy in New York and doing well, along with her family.
Cascade, another one here, is doing well in Florida.

OsoMajor, take EVERY precaution possible in your job.

robbieroy, I enjoy your photos!! Thanks for posting them. As I just mentioned to you in a private message, our circle of friends spent a wonderful 9 days traveling all around Scotland last summer. It's so beautiful. We even visited the Isle of Skye, Stirling and the William Wallace monument, and Loch Ness - to name ONLY a few. We stayed in a cute little town called Aberfeldy and drove for hours and hours every day.

I don't check in very often here, really, but I'm happy to see some of you are still here. One of these days I'll revitalize on the whole, but the message board will always be here.

Saludos, MadridMan
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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 04/21/20 09:55 PM

Happy to hear from you Scott and glad to see you're doing well. That was my main reason for coming back to visit Madridman. I was wondering how you were doing considering how hard hit Madrid and the rest of Spain is being impacted by the virus.

Since the lockdown here in our area of the country (California), we've experienced quite a reduction in service as many are staying home since schools are closed as we as many businesses. Not many people are riding the bus right now. Our transit agency has taken precautions on many levels to protect both our passengers and drivers and other employees. For example all riders must board at the rear of the bus with exceptions for wheelchair or other disabled riders need to board in front. The front half of the bus is roped off to protect the drivers from close contact. We're wearing face masks, gloves (optional). We have hand sanitizer dispensers which I use frequently especially when having to have contact with passengers in wheelchairs. So, I feel relatively safe but you never know. I get concerned when someone coughs or sneezes. That's when I start breathing in very shallow even though I'm wearing a mask! I've learned to relax and not panic when breathing less deeply. I've been doing this for many years now. It's a technique I've borrowed from yoga. It seems to help.

It was nice hearing from you Scott. It's been several years since we last communicated. Take care and let's see if Ohio St. and SC we'll get to play again soon! smile
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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 04/22/20 03:41 AM

The lockdown continues here in Scotland with folks allowed out of their homes for the following purposes:
- Exercise - alone, or with members of your household
- Shopping for basic necessities
- Any medical need, or providing care for a vulnerable person
- Travel to or from work, but only when you cannot work from home

The wearing of masks is not recommended but a few people do wear them. I put on a mask and gloves when I go to the supermarket because some folks walk against the recommended direction and do not adhere to the 2 m rule.
I've been on public transport once since the lockdown and work a baskand gloves on that occasion too.

I've got into a daily routine of doing some exercise - either cycling

or walking

in your morning for around an hour. It is thus that is providing the current batch of photos that I'm posting!

After lunch I tend to do things around the house and garden- cutting the grass, weeding or cleaning the paths.

Yesterday I washed the car and I am thinking about washing the van today.
Later in the afternoon I like to have a glass of wine or a beer

before prepping the evening meal.

Before the lockdown I had started to learn Hebrew but let us drop after the holiday to Istael was cancelled. I might take that up again. Arturo - are you still learning Spanish?

I still help out at our foodbank and we have been busier than ever.

Let's have an update about what you are up to.

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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 05/07/20 02:18 AM

Arturo, OsoMajor and MadridMan - how are you all coping with the lockdown in your part of the world? What are the positives and negatives as far as you Re concerned and how has your life chance cince the lockdown began?
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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 06/22/20 04:51 AM

My friend Rafa and I met downtown in Madrid's Plaza Mayor for a "relaxing cup of café con leche" at one of the terrazas. They'd spread out the tables and there were STILL NO TOURISTS downtown. Sure, you could hear English spoken, but I'd bet they were English teachers living here for a year or two.

We always wore our masks, as did everyone on the street. Sadly, there's a constant tension in the air as well. It's one thing to sit at a terraza with magnificent views of the Plaza Mayor, but it's quite another thing to actually be able to enjoy it comfortably.

We then walked through the nearly empty Puerta del Sol and I darted in to the ABSOLUTELY EMPTY, but operating, La Mallorquina. I took a quick photo, but they asked that I not. Odd.

We then walked up the Calle Montera where most of the terrazas were bustling and people were walking up and down.

Crossing Gran Via, there were even more people. We walked through Chueca to the Plaza and there the few tables available were all full.

Finally, we walked to Paseo de Recoletos (the lower portion of the Castellana) and had a beer on the totally modernized terraza of Café Gijón.

So, in short, everyone was wearing a mask and no one was wearing gloves - except me! I'm not sure if that's because gloves are scarce now (I know you can't buy them any longer at the pharmacy in my neighborhood) or if there's really no need.

Slowly, it seems things are getting back to normal. I fear most for those older bar owners at the more traditional bars, if they'll survive or if they'll re-open. I'm ready to go back to visit them and call them by name. Hope they're still there when they re-open.

Saludos, MadridMan
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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 06/24/20 08:59 AM

Hi Everyone! wavey What a happy surprise to get your private message, robbieroy. I miss the MM group- it was a wonderful way to stay in touch with Spain and all things Madrid!
I teach so this lockdown has been tough. I am not looking forward to classes beginning in September. Summer has just begun but I am already worried about the Fall.
Here in NYC we went into Phase 2 this week, but as MadridMan says, there is a tension in the air and an awkwardness with any human interaction. Sad, but true.
I had a sabbatical planned for next year, which I have postponed for a year.
I had plans to lead an adult group to Andalucía in March but that was cancelled and hopefully postponed to 2021.
My plans to go to Spain sometime this summer are still up in the air, although I desperately want to go and see family and friends there and feel "normal" again. I doubt I will be visiting Spain soon.
Hoping everyone stays safe and healthy and keeps doing what we need to do. This is a real treat hearing how everyone is doing. I wonder if we can get a few other "regulars" to post? Like Lisa and Diana? Have a wonderful day and Feliz Día de San Juan! smile
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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 06/25/20 02:51 AM

Great to hear from you esperanza and thanks for your update. It is nice to see a little bit of action on the MM forum as it was quite lonely being the only one posting daily about my travels.
I can sympathise with your situation as I too was a teacher before retirement and the current situation would make it a difficult job to do. It may be that there are potential problems on the horizon when schools return. Here in Scotlànd the schools are closed until August with no partial interim return.
Travel will a difficult area for the foreseeable future and I can't see myself travelling to Galicia to visit friends in the near future.
Stay safe
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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 06/25/20 03:05 AM

Thanks for the update MM - it felt as though I was walking with yourself and Rafa as you described your walk. I've really fond memories of being on Madrid and attending one of the meet ups with other forum members.
Can you believe it - it was in October 2005 - here is my post on the meet up

Take care
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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 06/25/20 09:40 AM

Robbieroy, gracias for your PM! It's nice to see some old friends back.

As a writer, I've worked from home for years so Covid didn't impact me directly in this respect. But going to the market is now the highlight of my week? UGH. As others have mentioned, the tension is palatable ... thanks in good part to the fools who refuse to wear masks. More and more states are making it mandatory despite the govt.'s pooh-hooing it.

Arturo, congrats on your marriage (with thanks to Scott for sharing that bit of info.)

Steve, perhaps you can share a few of those 1k of photos here?

Lisa, I expect you to chime in .... wink

MM, let us know how many of the "older bar owners at the more traditional bars" do reopen and remember your name!!

We are all missing Spain ... and really, no idea of when we can return. Does that mean misery loves company?

Robbieroy - thanks again.

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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 06/25/20 01:55 PM

Arturo - when did you get married?
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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 06/25/20 02:04 PM

Puna - thanks for posting an update. Great to see you on the MM forum again. Face coverings - a sore point with me as here in Scotland many people are ignoring the government recommendation that they should be worn in supermarkets and shops. They are now mandatory in public transport since Monday but I've noticed the bus drivers are not refusing people without masks!

I can't get away in my camper van but have been posting on my daily exercise. I post daily on the forum and have been doing so for few years. Can't believe I've had over 5,000,000 views on that topic

Hopefully we will some of the members back from the halcyon days of the forum.


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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 06/26/20 11:12 AM

Hi Robbie
as said, your email brough me to the forum, long time not by here, very busy with my blog, already 930 followers! many from my previous travel forums.

As said doing great not notice the virus at all , with limited travel but now fully open and working at home but fully pay as is my family ! Hope you are doing ok as it is different base on country and personal situation.

Hope to see you by wordpress blogs, Scott got me into it and its a lot of fun. Stay well and thanks for keeping in touch
Best regards
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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 06/26/20 11:23 AM

Hey MMers (and Rob!):

Thanks for reconnecting me. Yes--there was a time that this was an active outlet for me. I've been doing really well and probably over the last six years or so would've been more comfortable on the BarcelonaMan site! I had occasion to travel to Barcelona a half-dozen times on business. What an amazing thing to rediscover that city! I stayed off Digaonal, really close to Torre Agbar working with HPE there!

COVID hasn't slowed me or my business down at all. We actually HIRED six people to join our team during shelter-in-place and are deemed essential so we are open for business. I work in nutraceuticals and supplements now, and it's wonderful.

It's been just about three years since my last trip to Spain...visited family in the Basque Country and got my fix of Castilla (Burgos, Segovia) and then a couple of nights in Madrid.

My next trip is planned for next summer. My son and I will be cycling the Camino de Santiago next June. This will be my 2nd Camino (Rob you still host my journal on an unpublished page here somewhere...thank you!)

Life is good, people. I hope you and all yours are healthy, happy, and coping with pandemic-induced chaos.

Saludos y un gran abrazo!
--Craig (CaliBasco)
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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 06/26/20 11:29 AM

When we do get on the Camino next year I'll do my best to post a few dispatches from the trail...if not, I'll add another journal like the last one and you can have at it!
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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 06/26/20 11:39 AM

For Madridman....

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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 06/26/20 11:58 AM

Great to hear from you again Pedro and it is good to hear that all is going well. I expect that your travels will have been severely limited by the lockdown?
Good to hear also that the blog is going well too.
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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 06/27/20 01:08 AM

Craig - thanks for posting. I don't have any admin rights on this site but I did have a search for outside Camino de Santiago journal. I couldn't find anything as the search facility only extends to 14 years in the past!

I wonder if Madridman could find it and put a link to it?

BTW - thanks for posting your update and it's good to hear that all is going well.

Rob RR
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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 06/27/20 02:12 AM

I think it's from a site that MM has at I pulled it because I lost it--and his was the only place I had it. Saved my bacon.

I'll have to pout a little more chatter on here!
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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 06/29/20 03:38 AM

Hey guys . Still makes me sad that I had to leave Madrid the city and all that came with it , especially my friends over there . I did have the pleasure of a visit from MMand a Spanish friend some years ago and they stayed with me at my brother's big house down here in East Sussex . We did the whole 1066 country trips into Hastings , Rye , Battle well as a rainy day trip to London ... The city that sits side by side with Madrid in my heart . Unfortunately I had a few accidents / seizures that left me unconscious on a few occasions but things have improved significantly after various stays in hospital so a return trip to Madrid ( especially now with the so-called 'air coridoors' ) is back on the cards smile . I'm not working at the moment and restrict myself to doing some charity work with the children's charity Barnardo's . We've been closed for some time now during lockdown but have a reopening date set up in the next few weeks . I keep very good contact with MM and various others on this forum via good old-fashioned Facebook and have just finished , over a period of time , uploading just over a thousand Madrid photos which has sparked many memories for me and others . The response has been great so I'm trawling my back up discs to see what other gems I can find . The Coronavirus thing for me is more of an inconvenience than anything else . In no way am I underestimating how awful the Covid19 disease is but on a personal note the only thing that bothers me is that I can't get a haircut !! Roll on July 4th . To be honest it's quite nice walking into town and down to the seafront when it's not crowded and is peaceful . My brother and his family continue to live in Russia where the lockdown imposed by Putin is uber severe but my conversation with my brother a few days ago suggests he may have found a loophole as he's hired a huge mansion up in Cumbria during August and I've been invited to join him . Still mulling over the idea . I'm lucky enough to have a smallish but comfortable apartment here in Hastings on a very quiet road . Quiet and yet just a 3 minute walk to the main park and a 10 minute walk into town and the seafront . I have great garden so I spend quite a bit of time out there . The apartment is one of four in what was an old Victorian mansion and I'm pleased to say that I know all my neighbours very well and we all help each other in various ways . Unusual these days ! One drawback of Hastings is that there are almost no places to go catering for the LGTB community . We have one bar which is really nice and over the last 2 years we've had a gay pride march through town which is good fun but basically Brighton is the only place to go for a comprehensive gay community up in Kemp Town . Brighton can be quite cool but it's got way too far ahead of itself to the extent that people from Brighton who came to Hastings for gay pride said they preferred Hastings because it's more friendly and less commercial . Hopefully our LGTB organisations here will continue trying to highlight LGTB issues in the town . One thing we do get here in Hastings is a huge amount of foreign students and many of those are from Spain so ocassionally I get to speak the lingo . It seems all and sundry are doing fine here and whilst I can't promise , I'll try and tear myself away from FB and have a chat on this forum . Hasta Pronto !
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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 06/30/20 03:08 AM

Hi Steve
It was great to read your update and it is heartening to read that you keep in touch with folks via FB. I too use it quite a lot and have been in touch with Scott a couple of times. I have not yet hooked up with any other members of the Forum but would be keen to if the opportunity exists. If anyone would like to hook up via FB then please PM me from this forum and I'll let you have my user name.
Sorry to hear that you have health problems but hopefully now you are out of the woods.
I have to admit that, as much as I love being in Spain, the thought of air travel at the moment I'd a bit off-putting.

As you may know, I have a camper van which I use a lot all year round but the cancellation of events I attend during the summer have been cancelled so I guess I'll have to be content with touring parts of Scotland for leisure rather than with purpose (visiting folks and attending various events). The 5 mile travel restriction here in Scotland gets lifted this Friday and I've cleaned out the van in anticipation of a wee run out in it at the weekend.
Hopefully other who have posted will.get back with further updates.
Take care and stay safe

Posted by: MadridMan

Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 07/08/20 04:31 AM

I went downtown Madrid last weekend/Sunday for lunch and was happy to find one of my favorite old-time bars open and the about-to-retire owner/bartender still there, so that was encouraging.

We had lunch at a place near Plaza de San Martín and they had the tables spread out and the wait staff all wore masks.

We also went to the El Corte Inglés shop on the Puerta del Sol and it was busy. Get this: I heard a rumor that shops were going to turn OFF their air conditioning because it circulated potentially "infected" air to all customers - unless they had special filters in place.

We took the bus to/from downtown and, of course, all passengers must wear protective masks on all forms of transportation, but I have to wonder how often the handles, railings, seats are disinfected.

In short, it was a better overall experience than the previous visit downtown. There are still almost NO tourists, which is nice, and so lots of space to walk.

Saludos, MadridMan
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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 07/27/20 04:55 PM

Sadly no Spain for me this year. too many restrictions and rather cool off in France. Doing short travels all over Normandy next month.
I watch TVE and many folks hurting in restos bars etc from this wuhan virus that seems not to go away at least the govts want us to believe. I know been to Wuhan and past by the bio lab there, you dont hear any more of the doctors who spoked of it in China do you! time will tell the truth.

I am working at home with full pay from my co;so no problems there ! Just boring not able to contact collegues or business travels. This will be long at least until the end of 2020.

Stay safe y'all. In the meantime ,I have my blog to keep me busy lol!
Posted by: CaliBasco

Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 07/29/20 09:11 AM

We've been pretty "isolated" as far as "the thing" here where I am. I used to live in California but we left there 14 years ago and haven't regretted the move one bit. Now I'm Idaho where we have mountains, rivers, seasons, and amazing people. Since the Boise area isn't necessarily a "tourist destination," we've had minimal impact from the pandemic.

We did cancel this year's international Basque festival ("Jaialdi") out of caution (it's to be held in 2021) and there are many businesses that have felt the pinch, but overall, people are going about their business, wearing masks, and moving ahead. We're quite fortunate here I must say.

I'm planning my second pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela for June 2021. My son and I will be cycling it if all goes well. That's the plan. New bikes. Going to shed a few pounds. We'll see how "buen" our "camino" is.

Saludos a todos aquí.
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Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 08/07/20 04:55 AM

Local lockdown!
My home town of Aberdeen has been put under local lockdown due to a spike in the number of people testing positive for Covid-19.
It all started with someone who visited some local pubs testing positive.
News came though from other sources that folks tested positive through the Test and Protect sytem had been in some other bars. Some of the bars shut down temporarily but then the Scottish government intervened.

Pubs and restaurants were ordered to close by 17:00 on Wednesday. People are being told not to travel to Aberdeen, and those living in the city face travel restrictions.

The restrictions mean that the 228,000 people who live in the Aberdeen city area are no longer allowed into each others' houses.

They are being told not to travel more than five miles for leisure purposes. Travelling for work or education is permitted, but other travel is not advised.

People who are visiting Aberdeen do not need to leave, but should follow the guidance and take "extra care" when they return home.

79 positive cases developed as a result of this outbreak with the probability of more to be uncovered. Two Aberdeen FC players have tested positive for Covid-19 and a further six players who have been in close proximity to them are self-isolating.

What about me?
Well, I left town on Monday morning in my camper van so have been missing all the fun. I headed to the Moray coast to visit friends, do some fishing and play some golf. I'll probably head back on Monday.

Posted by: robbieroy

Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 08/19/20 01:21 PM

Local lockdown has been extended for yet another week here in Aberdeen in the North East of Scotland.
An outbreak, which started in a bar has resulted in over 200 positive cases of Covid-19 and we are still counting.
Bars, restaurants and cafes all remain closed and the five mile travel restriction except for work and education remains.
Households also have restrictions on indoor meetings.

How are you getting on? What has been happening where you live?
Posted by: robbieroy

Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 08/22/20 08:23 AM

Lockdown continues in Aberdeen because of the local outbreak mentioned previously. As a result I am confined to the city unable to head away in my camper van.
I had a walk into the town cente to see what was happening there.

A number of measures have been put in place to help protect members of the public...

Bollards have been put in place to widen some if the pavements

This has been done in some of the shopping areas outwith the town centre. This is in an area called Rosemount

They have marked out parking spaces - in the middle of the road!

This is Aberdeen's principal street - Union Street

It has become partly pedestrianised

I'm not getting stressed out by the lockdown. Sometimes all you need to do is to chill out with a glass of cold wine from the Rías Baixas are of Spain!...

Hope you are all doing well. Stay safe.
Posted by: MadridMan

Re: How are you coping with the coronavirus crisis? - 06/06/21 02:35 PM

Here we are about a year after my above post when Rafa and I got together for an outing. I saw him again a couple weeks ago. He came over for lunch at my house and we ate on the terraza. It was nice. I think we'd seen each other maybe one or two other times since June 2020

Anyway, a lot has happened - and a lot has NOT happened since then. Fortunately, more and more people are getting their vaccines and things seem to be opening up a bit more.

I've gotten my first vaccine and expect to "get the call" (SMS text message) sometime this coming week for the 2nd (Pfizer) and last vaccine. Totally painless and had no after-effects whatsoever.

When my American friends come back to Madrid to visit after more than a year, I'm wondering how many of those old haunts will be open. Many, surely, didn't survive.

Most people are back to work and wearing their masks. Some say that by August we won't have to wear them. Many people will still, I'm guessing, but it may not be required. EVERYONE is still wearing them here in the streets, indoors and outdoors, and many are still putting them back on when not eating/drinking on the terrazas.

Gotta wonder when my next visit to the USA will be - or any international travel. Seems some other European countries are worse-off than Spain is. I'm looking forward to going back to Switzerland to visit my sister at some point. Haven't seen her since the Thanksgiving before the pandemic started, I think, so 1.5 years or so.

Summer travel is uncertain but we may stay in Spain as we did last summer (to Galicia). I'd like to spend at least a few days in Cantabria and, who knows, maybe even to the Aragon region. I don't know this area very well. We'll see.

There was a university graduation that I attended last night. No parents were invited, but apparently could watch live online with 4-split-screens of the giving-of-the-diplomas as well as 3 roaming cameras to the rooms where the masked students were grouped and separated, all distanced appropriately (most of the time) until it was their turn to go to place to receive the diplomas. Everyone seemed happy to be there and the weather mostly cooperated. It wasn't too warm, but did have a passing shower so they moved everything indoors.

We're getting a passing shower right now, in fact. Missing our friend, Steve. I'll always equate him with the pulse of Madrid. And, fortunately for me, he left a lot of himself right here.

Saludos, MadridMan