The rain in Spain

Posted by: robbieroy

The rain in Spain - 12/05/16 12:16 PM

Parts of Andalucia in the south of Spain have been experiencing the heaviest rainfall in the last 25 years.
Videos fro RTVE can be seen here Videos of flooding
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Re: The rain in Spain - 12/07/16 09:23 AM

Hi Rob
My friends in Fuengirola and Málaga have been sending me photos and videos of the damage which was very extensive. It looks like Estepona was especially hard hit. Fuengirola seems to have done a very good job of cleaning up after the storm. The weather seems to be back to normal for December.

I am going to visit later this month, arriving on New Year's Eve - Noche Vieja.
I can't wait to see my friends.
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Re: The rain in Spain - 12/08/16 02:27 AM

Apparently it was exceptionally heavy rainfall over a sustained period of time. I watch with interest the footage from the TV media like Canal Sur and Mijas 3.40

It was scary to see dry streams (like Arroyo Pajares which runs from Mijas Pueblo to Los Boliches) in spate! I've walked along and down this Arroyo many times when waking from the tennis club to Los Boliches.
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Re: The rain in Spain - 12/10/16 12:36 AM

We would consider this minor flooding in Southeast Texas. We have had 135 inches of rain in less then 2 years. I have been stranded at home 3-4 times in this period. Most everything is built up on a slope several feet above the street. I see in Andalucia there isn't much rain so the buildings are level with the street. Not a good plan.
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Re: The rain in Spain - 12/10/16 02:45 AM

Wow chivasusa! - and I thought Scotland was wet! The Costa del Sol is well named and renowned for its lack of rain but things get so dry and drains and ditches blocked that exceptional rainfall will take its toll.
Hope you have a trouble free winter there in Texas.
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Re: The rain in Spain - 12/10/16 02:27 PM

naah Indonesia is wet , heavy pouring and floods the streets very quickly afterward. Even in big cities like Jakarta not to mention going to the smaller cities is worse. But I managed it so it's daily life there too

And yes the area around Malaga got soaked and it's not the first time either.

Just stay dry somewhere ho ho ho, here in my Brittany is cold, rainy, foggy and windy ::)
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Re: The rain in Spain - 09/01/17 02:31 PM

We had 40 inches of rain in Houston, Tx. in 3 days. I was in Los Angeles and got stranded. My wife was not happy. Our house and our vehicles didn't get flooded. I flew back from LA not knowing if my truck was under water at the airport. Posted a video on you tube Patrick Glenn. Also can get to it on twitter #patg85 is my twitter name
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Re: The rain in Spain - 09/02/17 12:17 AM

The news reports have been horrendous chivausa. So much destructions and disaster for the folks of that area. It is a blessing that you and your family are OK.
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Re: The rain in Spain - 09/21/17 01:54 PM

I saw the pictures on Houston Omg it looks like a river not streets. Glad you fare well. Now we deal with hurricanes and earthquakes.... I am going to Mexico this coming Sunday ::)
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Re: The rain in Spain - 09/22/17 12:45 PM

Just checked Houston. Tx. rainfall so far in 2017, 71.80 inches. Thinking of moving back to Los Angeles, Ca. but the cost of living is so high because of high state taxes. A gallon of gas costs 1 dollar more and housing is triple the cost. The minute I arrive in Ca. I anticipate an Earthquake like in Mexico. Maybe if your not too busy working you can catch a soccer match in Mexico, Pedmar. It's a pretty entertaining league.
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Re: The rain in Spain - 10/18/17 03:46 PM

ahh just back late but better than never ::)

Yes Mexico was awesome and just after the earthquake there was scary, people were still under the shock of it and they are used to these things.

I saw a soccer match alright but it was a Champions league PSG vs Bayern Munich and it was all PSG. Nice ambiance in a bar, much more passion for the sport than in France , but the same as in Spain lol!
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Re: The rain in Spain - 07/14/19 06:49 AM

Hello, all. We had a nice - and brief - summer thunderstorm here in Madrid yesterday at about 1pm. It rained HARD for about 15-minutes, created rivers in the streets, washed off the dust from the cars, and all the while the sun was shining brightly. I didn't look for a rainbow, but surely there was one somewhere.

We've had the normal hot weather here in Madrid which makes going out requiring some effort. Did some housework early this morning and went out last night to Aranjuez to walk around the Royal Palace and then have dinner on the edge of town. Quite nice.

Saludos, MadridMan