Changes in Madrid over the years

Posted by: Puna

Changes in Madrid over the years - 04/05/14 05:39 PM

I got to thinking about all the changes many of us have seen in Madrid - and throughout Spain - over the years we've gone back and forth.

MM, you've been a Spain lover for close to 20 years; traveling back and forth consistently prior to your move. And you've been living in Madrid for what - close to 8 years now? Lead off with some of the most notable changes in the best place under the sun.
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Re: Changes in Madrid over the years - 04/07/14 03:15 AM

hehehe changes? totally change, but I go back way back!!!

I remember when to see a women in a bikini in a movie you had to be 18 lol!!!
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Re: Changes in Madrid over the years - 04/07/14 08:55 AM

In many of the villages, toilet paper was cut up squares of brown waxed paper. smile
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Re: Changes in Madrid over the years - 04/07/14 05:20 PM

Not just in Madrid, but throughout Spain, THE BATHROOMS/TOILETS have changed/improved A LOT! Well, let's say they're more modern, AT LEAST!

You now RARELY see the overhead cistern tanks with the pull-chains to flush the toilet. In the mens room, you also almost never see the step-up to the porcelain foot-shapes to pee/#2 into a hole below.

These two things can still be found, but they're rare, ESPECIALLY in the tourist center of Madrid. Possibly if you go to some of the smaller neighborhood bars in the center, the non-touristy ones, you can still find them, though.

Saludos, MadridMan
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Re: Changes in Madrid over the years - 04/07/14 07:25 PM

When I was last in Madrid [Feb 2012] it was pretty cold and there was not the brigades of people surging through the center in the late pm early am hours. My friends in Madrid attributed it to the crisis not the frigid weather. Many of the movie theaters, including some of the palaces on Gran Via are shuttered. The public drinking gatherings are not a change I enjoy stumbling upon either. Another unfortunate change was more people sleeping in the streets, even in Plaza Mayor. But I'm only talking about dozens of homeless people. When I first visited Madrid in 2001 I only saw 1 or 2 unfortunates. Madrid is still my favorite place and I wish to return soon.
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Re: Changes in Madrid over the years - 04/08/14 03:58 AM

yes the pee thingy are still in remote areas, commonly call turkish baths ! banos turcos don't have the keyboard for the N in Spanish sorry.

The thing is there more neighborhood feeling, and great places like the SEPU and SIMAGO stores where they even took your groceries to the metro for you.

I still stop by my old neighborhood of Quintana (line 5) and see the some businesses still there like my mother purchased the shoes for me at Victor Calzados Alcala 278. But the rest is all change new people, dirtier.

In fact, one evening went by and there was a huge amount of people in the plaza de quintana, and I say oh wow there must a street party or something. A local friend told me ,NO, no party just a lot of unemployed folk with nothing to do than go the square.

The morals, the dirty places. Back then you may not had a phone in your house or a string toilet but they were clean, and the neighbor or the downstairs restaurant will lent you the phone to call relatives. Life was more calm ,nicer for me.

I still nostalgic when I go and stop by the places I went along with my mother, memories comes to life, but it looks different.
Posted by: Jim Costello

Re: Changes in Madrid over the years - 04/10/14 04:05 AM

I have visited Madrid several times a year since 1998 to enjoy my family. Some of the changes that I have noticed in the last 15 years are:

1. Automobiles have increased in size and are more deluxe.
2. Smoking has stopped in bars, restaurants, and many other places.
3. Halloween has become a more popular holiday. When I first came to Madrid I don't recall people celebrating Halloween.
4. Santa Claus and Christmas gifts are almost as popular as the Three Kings Day.
5. Increase in Muslims and Africans.
6. Increase in American fast food restaurants, i.e. McDonalds, Burger King, Starbucks, etc.
7. Increase in construction and up-scaled shopping malls.
8. Increase in new and larger apartments buildings in the towns outside of Madrid with many young families re-locating from Madrid.
9. More Chinese stores and restaurants.

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Re: Changes in Madrid over the years - 04/10/14 01:06 PM

Oh Jim imagine the things you have notice only since 1998 !!!

If you were around 1970 then coming back to Madrid to me its like visiting for the first time, all new cool