Spainīs New Anti Tax Fraud Law Law 7/2012

Posted by: Jim Costello

Spainīs New Anti Tax Fraud Law Law 7/2012 - 03/13/13 06:07 PM

In April 2012, the Spanish government announced details of its new anti fraud plan. One of them related to assets held outside Spain and would affect residents living here. Starting in 2013 for the year ending 2012 residents of Spain now have a new olbigation to report all assets and rights held outside Spain, where they are owners and beneficaries. A new reporting model will be creatd, on which all kinds of assets may have to be reported including: bank accounts, all forms of securities, stocks, capital, life insurance, and real estate.

Failure to comply with the obligation will have costly consuquences when discovered by the tax authorities.

Does anyone have more information on how this law effects foreigners living in Spain who have assets in their "home" country.

Thank you
Posted by: pedmar

Re: Spainīs New Anti Tax Fraud Law Law 7/2012 - 03/20/13 12:13 PM

its about time we do it where I am and the USA is a stickler to these things.