Madrid: knitting supply store?

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Madrid: knitting supply store? - 02/17/05 01:11 PM

so i am leaving for madrid tomorrow (wow!!) and a friend called me today to ask if i can bring him knitting needles, because he suspects they will be different from what is available here. since i dont know a knitting needle from a baseball bat, does anyone know of a knitting supply store in madrid? short notice, and probably the wrong forum, but any help will be appreciated?
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Re: Madrid: knitting supply store? - 02/17/05 05:08 PM

There are a whole slew of yarn and knitting stores around Plaza Mayor. I walk by them all the time, but don't know any specific names...

I believe there is on on Calle de Toledo, a few blocks down from Plaza Mayor on the left side. Also one in the northeast corner of Plaza Mayor. And I'm sure there's probably one on the street with all of the fabric stores that goes between Plaza Mayor and Sol (El Marques Viudo de Pontejos--off Correos).
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Re: Madrid: knitting supply store? - 02/17/05 05:12 PM

thank you! you have confirmed that the madridman message board is the most amazing and helpful spot on the web. at least if you're going to madrid...
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Re: Madrid: knitting supply store? - 02/17/05 05:52 PM

Hey Margot--
As usual, I got my right and my left mixed up. The yarn store would be on the right side of Calle de Toledo if you were walking down from Plaza Mayor. I think it's near the San Isidro church.

But your best bet is probably the other places that I mentioned.
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Re: Madrid: knitting supply store? - 02/17/05 07:05 PM

Hi there,

Mercerías are the type of stores in Spain that sell knitting yarns,hilos de tejer; and knitting needles, agujas de tejer, as well as a host of sewing notions, usually you won't find fabrics there. I purchased some Katia yarn ( ) at a store near the Puerta del Sol. Katia Yarns are fantastic and costly over here.

I did see knitting needles there as well, some English, French and American needles. Lovely wood knitting needles from Barcelona. I did not see many of our specialty needles like our circular needles.

Arenal 1(Puerta del Sol)
28013 Madrid
Tf. 91 522 99 67

Almacenes Cobián, S.A.
Calle y Plaza de Pontejos, 2
28012 Madrid
Telephone: 91 53128 42

And if you do not have time to visit these places, you can also buy them at the ever present Corte Inglés. They sell everything! Good luck.