Posted by: Amy11

cigars - 11/17/03 12:39 AM

does anyone know how many i can bring back to the states per customs regulations?
Posted by: Eddie

Re: cigars - 11/17/03 05:13 AM

If you're asking about Havanas the answer is zero and if you get caught bringing them in without declaring them you would be subject to a hefty fine.
Posted by: ChrisR

Re: cigars - 11/19/03 10:13 AM

The US Customs booklet "Know Before You Go" lists duty free personal allowance of up to 100 cigars. See:

Cuban tobacco products are generally prohibited.
See 1998 Cuban Cigar Update (nothing newer):

This is from the Customs FAQ:
Can I import Cuban Cigars into the U.S.?

Persons returning either directly or indirectly from Cuba after a State Department-licensed visit are permitted to bring Cuban cigars into the United States. The value of the cigars may not exceed $100 U.S. dollars and they must be for the individual's personal use, not for resale. All other importations of Cuban cigars are illegal, including Cuban cigars that were acquired in other countries (such as Canada, England, or Mexico). It is also illegal for U.S. residents to buy, sell, trade, or otherwise engage in transactions involving illegally imported Cuban cigars. The penalties for doing so include confiscation of the cigars, civil fines of up to $55,000 per violation and in appropriate cases, criminal prosecution, which may result in higher fines and/or imprisonment. Foreign residents and visitors to the U.S.(i.e., French, Mexican etc) may not bring in goods of Cuban origin under any circumstances.
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Re: cigars - 11/19/03 10:49 PM

Hi Amy,

Spain has wonderful cigars from the Canary Islands. They rival many cigars from the Americas. The ones made in Spain are actually better than those that are imported according to cigar Aficionado magazine, and a lot less expensive too.

You can bring two boxes of Canarios, without any problems whatsoever. These can be picked up at one of the many estancos in Madrid.
Posted by: Amy11

Re: cigars - 11/28/03 10:21 AM

great and thank you! i am currently in madrid right now! yesterday and the day before we were in Sevilla y man˝a hasta a Barcelona!

adios y muchismas gracias,
amy y francisco