What's your favorite thing to buy?!

Posted by: Tracy Moral

What's your favorite thing to buy?! - 12/14/01 06:35 AM

Every time I go to Madrid (or Spain in general) I always have the same list of things to buy or places to go to SHOP...

I cannot leave Spain without going to the Rastro, I have to buy at least one soundtrack from the latest Almodovar film, I have to spend tons of money in Zara, add another "pila" to my collection, and yes...I admit it, I am the biggest sucker for bullfighting posters, little plastic flamenco dancers, abanicos and swords from Toledo! Anybody else have quarky shopping habits or must-buys???
Posted by: Eddie

Re: What's your favorite thing to buy?! - 12/14/01 08:21 AM

Where have you been, Tracy?
I buy stuff for my granddaughters: In July I happened on a Thrift Shop (in Andalucia) and found an exquisite flamenco-style dress for one of them. It was for about a 6-year old girl, was like new and cost me ESP 2.000 (about $11.50 USD). I'm not going to tell you where it was because I am planning to go back there in February (for Carnival) and 'buy the place out!' laugh :p
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Re: What's your favorite thing to buy?! - 12/14/01 09:13 AM

Great topic idea, Tracy! It is good to have you back, as Eddie says.

I'm not a shopper when I go on vacation so I often return home with less than when I went. Can you believe I went to Perú (a budget shoppers paradise) and brought back nothing but a lightweight jacket. Speaking of which, there's a new South American store open in my ladyfriend's neighborhood and I understand they have INCA COLA (which I instantly loved in Perú) so I'll be buying and bringing back a couple bottles of that this time.

Also, I do plan to buy some Madrid and/or Spain stickers. I'd like to find/buy a book of Madrid (or general Spain) photos, and have looked in the bookstores there, but have never found one. I used to buy/bring back cans of anchovy stuffed green olives, but now can find them (imported from Spain) at my local latino store - same with the turron - so I may not buy hardly anything this time either. Ooops! I almost forgot, I REALLY want to buy a new pair of black leather shoes and a brown belt. They're not too cheap, but cheaper than here in the US for good quality.

$aludos, MadridMan
Posted by: celeste

Re: What's your favorite thing to buy?! - 12/14/01 09:30 AM

My favorite to buy are the excellent candies, pastries, cookies, etc.

There is an excellent postre-shop on San Jeronimo between the Thyssen-Bournemisa museum and Sol.

The shop wraps everything in pretty packages, paper boxes, brown wax paper... hard to find this kind of A-class treatment in the USA.

The sweets were perfect gifts. Special Spanish recipes... Something one could rarely find in the USA.

I'm hungry just thinking of it! wink
Posted by: Diana

Re: What's your favorite thing to buy?! - 12/14/01 12:12 PM

Some of the things I've brought from Spain are cans of white asparagus (always on the top of my list), a special kind of pasta for fideua, Frutas de Aragon (a kind of sweet), alubias (dry white beans), canned piquillo peppers, jamon serrano bones, cheese, guindillas (sour pickled green peppers that taste wonderful chopped up and sprinkled over a hot plate of lentil soup); a big paella pan; coffee candies from Navarra; chocolates; green-painted plates from Teruel; mazapan; more figures for my "belen;" small statues of "santos" that live in my garden; hand-made lace and embroidery; sword-shaped letter openers from Toledo; postcards; fans; soaps and colognes; posters of Spanish landscape paintings (can't afford the real thing)...

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Posted by: Guapetona

Re: What's your favorite thing to buy?! - 12/14/01 01:27 PM

Campers, Tous jewelry, suits from Cortefiel,
fun shirts and sweats from Matador and Piel de Toro.
Posted by: taravb

Re: What's your favorite thing to buy?! - 12/14/01 03:09 PM

I always buy saffron, Nocilla (yes, I know it's basically the same as Nutella, which we can buy in the US, but still, I always get it!), a big bag of magdalenas, Maria cookies, and various other cooking/eating things (rice for paella, hot chocolate, wine).

On our last trip, we brought back all of the above, and also a black wool coat for me from El Corte Ingles (it was a great cut and very different from here in the US--and the price was great), slacks for my husband from Cortefiel, and more children's clothes than we should have bought. Most of those were from Zara or from El Corte Ingles--in particular, check out the Agatha Ruiz de la Prada collection at El Corte Ingles if you know a little girl! I also bought a pair of purple suede loafers, though I am not sure why. I think I felt that I couldn't leave Spain without a pair of shoes...and they were different! I get lots of compliments when I wear them!

Tara smile

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Posted by: Tracy Moral

Re: What's your favorite thing to buy?! - 12/14/01 03:33 PM

Hey guys...I guess this was a great topic.

Eddie, I've been around, studying mostly. Thanks for askin'...

And MM, talking about stickers, my hubby just came back with about 5 different stickers for his car! ugg...He's got the big "E" the "EC," el toro, the Spanish flag and a few others I don't even remember...

Diana...I am totally laughing over the jamon serrano bones, because we're always sneaking a few through customs. Can't make cocido without 'em. And the anchovies stuffed olives are the BEST...

Oh yes...and i LOVE Spanish kids shoes and clothes!!!!!

Posted by: Booklady

Re: What's your favorite thing to buy?! - 12/14/01 04:04 PM

What a delightful topic!
I will be looking for fans, marzipans, pens, postcards, ancient coins (I hope the coin show is open at the Plaza Mayor)and books, books, and more books. These I plan to mail home to my library before I leave.
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Re: What's your favorite thing to buy?! - 12/14/01 04:48 PM

Don't forget the Pacharán!! I also bring home miel, vino, queso, piquillos and shoes!
I think that the children's clothes in Spain are the most amazing -I can't wait to have kids!
Oh, cerámicas, bumper stickers, and tons of CD's!
Did I mention shoes? laugh
Posted by: Antonio

Re: What's your favorite thing to buy?! - 12/15/01 08:41 PM

I'd like to find/buy a book of Madrid (or general Spain) photos, and have looked in the bookstores there, but have never found one

I thought you knew of Ediciones La Librería . They have plenty of books about Madrid and I found some with pictures of Madrid at their website.
Posted by: rgf

Re: What's your favorite thing to buy?! - 12/16/01 12:11 AM

hmmm... turron de la casa (the thick slabs) from a good pasteleria; orujo de hierbas from Galicia; azabache jewelry from Galicia; i used to buy leather coats from el Corte Ingles but now they are assembled in Asian countries (the affordable ones, that is); small ceramics; ceramics from Sargadelos (Galicia, but available in other places); always, always, azafran! what else... oh, of course books. And FA soap (the regular 'flavor', not the wierd new ones).

good thread!
Posted by: Eddie

Re: What's your favorite thing to buy?! - 12/16/01 12:42 AM

This topic is driving me sane! Aceitunas rellenos de anchoas, certainly! Aspergas blancas, tambien! Mejillones en escabeche, boquerones or anchoas, etc., etc. Granted, a lot of those things are available in the U.S., but are very pricey. One tip: Check out your local 'dollar' store. I have found Mejillones and Portuguese sardines in one nearby. eek

Orujo de Liebana (even a cousin who lives in Galicia asks me to bring him Orujo de Liebana when I'm coming from Cantabria) and vino origen de Pontevedra (Albariño or Rosal), and Manzanilla from Sanlucar de Barrameda. In July, I brought back 2-tins of Chocolate (brand name Paladin) to make hot chocolate that is so thick & rich it must be sinful. rolleyes

To the best of my knowledge, the Albariño or Rosal or Manzanilla wines are not available at any of the duty free shops in aeropuerto de Barajas. Nor is the Orujo de Liebana or any other Aguardiente (as they are called, generically). cool

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Re: What's your favorite thing to buy?! - 12/19/01 10:39 AM

Shoes, purses - all leather goods. Can't even remember the last time I bought a purse or wallet in the U.S.! Saffron and white asparagus. Those little packets of herbal teas - claiming too cure all manner of things! - you find in the really old fashioned spice shops - the one I discovered was in the "unpopular" section of Ronda. Even if you aren't into teas and stuff - just reading about them is delightful. Wine of course - the ones that are either unavailable or unaffordable in the U.S. At least one CD and, like MM, I'm always looking for great photography books. Tracy - I admit I have the same thing for the old bull fight posters!

My first trip to Spain - as a hitch-hiking teenager - I almost got killed by my favorite thing from Spain. A statue about 8 inchs tall of the madonna & child literally fell off the exterior of a church missing my head by inches. When I tried to return it to the priest, he told me God had wanted me to have it which was why it didn't hit me!
Posted by: Puna

Re: What's your favorite thing to buy?! - 12/21/01 10:05 AM

:o Forgot to add my greatest weakness - Loewe's perfumes and those wonderful unique pieces of pottery you can find in the small villages. Horrid to carry home - but when you can watch the artistan throw the pottery and then paint each piece - it's so special.
BTW - also really really inexpensive - like $2 or 3 US