Paid duty on wine recently?

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Paid duty on wine recently? - 12/10/01 11:58 PM

Has any member of the board recently had to pay customs duty on Spanish wines? I want to bring 4 bottles of Galician wine for friends back home and wanted to know the average customs duty I can expect to pay. The wines will range in price.
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Re: Paid duty on wine recently? - 12/11/01 11:02 AM

You are allowed to bring back a certain amount of wine without having to declare it re customs. I am hesitant to quote you amount, etc. because I don't know if rules and regs have changed recently. Check on the internet - suggest starting with Customs.

Have a wonderful trip - smile smile smile
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Re: Paid duty on wine recently? - 01/03/02 07:47 PM

I have travelled back and forth between the US and Spain for over 20 years. While not technically legal, per se, as long as what you are bringing back is for personal consumption, custom officers generally donīt care. I often take back between 4-6 bottles of alcohol (wine and brandy) without problem. Cuban cigars would be another issue.
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Re: Paid duty on wine recently? - 01/03/02 09:00 PM

Jim is right. I also know the customs process very well, and would say that cigarettes and alcohol are not worried about. Do be careful of Cuban goods.

With-out me going into a rant on how sad our emargo is, I'll just say don't get caught with anything Cuban. Much has changed after 9-11, but Bush had told the US Treasury Department to increase vigilance on punishing Americans who flaunt the Cuban-embargo.

They are even starting to enfore the insanely high $$$ fines for Americans who have traveled to Cuba. There are reports the Mexican government is selling passenger lists (flights to Cuba from Cancun and Cuidad de Mexico) to the Treasury Department.

Sure seems odd - at the same time the US Congress is debating the validity of the travel restrictions...what a mixed message. My point is - just don't get caught up in our odd political relations with Cuba!
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Re: Paid duty on wine recently? - 01/03/02 11:28 PM

Hola Folks,
I was able to bring home nine bottles of wine and was checked by the Agriculture agents in Philadelphia. They were only concerned with meats, which I did not bring. I did bring several cheeses and did report it, but they seemed unconcerned.
So you all are correct about the wine and cheeses.
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Re: Paid duty on wine recently? - 01/04/02 02:19 AM


Congrats! I'm jealous - my luggage was as full coming home as going. No room for many Spanish goodies. Looks like you'll be able to remember Espaņa everytime you have a thirst for wine!