Marks & Spencer in Madrid

Posted by: Anchovy Front

Marks & Spencer in Madrid - 02/02/01 07:27 AM

The men are going for the football - the ladies for the shops. I have been asked to enquire if anyone knows where the branches of Marks & Spencer are situated in Madrid?

Hopefully, from this male's point of view, the answers are slow in coming.......!!
Posted by: Diana

Re: Marks & Spencer in Madrid - 02/02/01 09:11 AM

The main store is on c/ Serrano, 52. There's another branch in the centro comercial La Vaguada. In the 'burbs, there's one in the Centro Oeste (Majadahonda), and the Parque Corredor (Torrejon).

Have a great weekend!
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Re: Marks & Spencer in Madrid - 02/02/01 09:29 AM

Thanks Diana! Everyone will be pleased to know that - even the men, who are looking forward to some M&S food goodies coming back with us to the Costa del Sol!
Posted by: vinniemafalda

Re: Marks & Spencer in Madrid - 02/04/01 07:59 PM

Go to El Corte Ingles, it's much better and classier. the only nice thing in Mark spencer is some things in the supermarket
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Re: Marks & Spencer in Madrid - 02/06/01 01:06 PM

I know vinniemafalda, but that's exactly why we needed to go to M&S. We shop every week at Marbella's branch of El Corte Ingles, but they haven't got the food treats that we now have in our kitchen after this weekend!! Hmm, good thing we didn't put that lot in the safe.........!!
Posted by: PacoM

Re: Marks & Spencer in Madrid - 03/29/01 09:48 AM

Marks and Spencer has sadly announced that they will be closing their nine stores that they have on mainland Spain, apparently due to restructuring of the company and also, because they wish to focus on their stores within the United Kingdom.

The management will close their four shopping centres in Madrid, the two in Barcelona, and the ones in Bilbao, Sevilla and Valencia before the end of this year.

Nevertheless, the two franchises in Tenerife and Gran Canaria will be kept open.

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Re: Marks & Spencer in Madrid - 03/29/01 10:01 AM

Aargh!! Paco, I heard the same on the news today. No more Percy Pig more pork more.....hang on! Did you say the Canaries branches will remain? I'd better start looking for flights!
Posted by: Antonio

Re: Marks & Spencer in Madrid - 03/29/01 02:29 PM

I heard the Spanish branches of Marks & Spencer has never been profitable (is that the word?). Therefore, if they didn't report benefits to the company is understandable that they are closing them.
Posted by: Jo-Anne

Re: Marks & Spencer in Madrid - 03/29/01 02:52 PM

Anchovy Front

When I was lying in bed this morning trying to get up, I listened to the news on the radio. I heard about Marks and Spencer and immediately thought about you! (Who says that I live eat and sleep MM's board?)

Will you still let the ladies go shopping if they can't bring back your teletubby lollipops? And what about the all important underwear? It's going to be 'pants' for you isn't it?

Posted by: Anchovy Front

Re: Marks & Spencer in Madrid - 03/30/01 08:13 AM

Tellytubby lollipops, Jo-Anne? I didn't know you could get those! Yes, the girls will still go shopping - do you think we could stop 'em?? We all pretend to be macho men, but it's widely accepted now that the female of the species is the dominant one! I hope they still let us go to the footie, though......

I actually wrote to M&S a few years ago, wondering why they opened stores in every part of Spain except the one area (Costa del Sol) where they would be guaranteed a money making venture, due to the very sizeable ex-pat, M&S-loving (food and knickers) population. If they weren't interested, I told them to ship me a container full of sticky-toffee puddings and I would sell them all in one day at the Puerto Banus rastro! Needless to say all I got was a snooty letter from them!

I don't really think you will get leaves on your runway, by the way! Give my regards to Norah Batty.
Posted by: Jo-Anne

Re: Marks & Spencer in Madrid - 03/30/01 10:16 AM

"Attention please, would all passengers to Malaga please accept our apologies; the runway is closed due to sticky toffee pudding spilt by overzealous relatives visiting ex pats in Spain. easyJet will accept no responsibility for this event."

By the way, is it politically correct to suggest that inhabitants of Costa del Sol need big knickers?

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Re: Marks & Spencer in Madrid - 03/30/01 10:40 AM

Very good! I had to look twice to find it! I must admit though, there are some which double up as windsurf sails!

Say hello to Clegg from me, won't you?
Posted by: Jo-Anne

Re: Marks & Spencer in Madrid - 03/30/01 12:51 PM

Anchovy Front

You can say hello for yourself!

(The 'Compo's Cafe' advertised on the left of the page is just down the road from us, but we never go there - chips to flabby, and waitresses stockings too wrinkly.)

Also, this looks like a ladies shopping trip to me!!!!!!

Posted by: Diana

Re: Marks & Spencer in Madrid - 03/09/05 03:31 PM

I'm resurrecting this old thread out of desperation for a Marks and Spencers without having to fly to London or shop online...

Have the Madrid stores closed? Softguide Madrid still lists the one on Serrano.

Posted by: MadridMan

Re: Marks & Spencer in Madrid - 03/09/05 04:55 PM

Diana, according to Marks and Spencer 's Store Finder Page there are no stores in Spain at all. Sorry!

Saludos, MadridMan
Posted by: Murdy

Re: Marks & Spencer in Madrid - 03/09/05 05:20 PM

They're definitely all closed, much to the regret of those of us who liked to go to its supermarket. In fact, I think M&S closed down all its continental Europe operations during that period.

The old Serrano one is now a Corte InglÚs...what else!
Posted by: Diana

Re: Marks & Spencer in Madrid - 03/09/05 08:01 PM

Thanks. Sigh. They're the only stores where I can find jeans that fit me right. The jeans in the US are unflattering in comparison, and the jeans in Spanish stores are for shorter women than I. Sigh again. Well, next time I'm in London, I'm stocking up!